Why do we have thieves and robbers? This question is asked by many people. Our world is riddled with this kind of people. In the computer world, there are similar people like these. They are what we call hackers. Some people might protest that hackers are not entirely bad. As they have pointed out there are two kinds of hackers, the black hat and the white hat. For today, we will delve upon some of the reason  hackers hack. Why do they do these things?

Prank and Mischief

The shallow reason why hackers do it is for the fun of it. They love to hear about people being bothered by the prank that they did to the website. Their main concern is they were able to pull a prank. They spare no thought that hundreds of dollars was used to make these websites. Their main goal is to create mischief.

Protests and Activism

These people are commonly known as hacktivist. They protest different things. Since most of the protesting is done through the Net, they use hacking as their means of proving their point. They go to the website of the product, person or department that they are protesting about and hack the site. This has happened especially to government websites because there are unhappy people who did not agree with policies.

Financial Gain

Then, there are really those people who are bent on causing harm to their fellowmen. These are electronic thieves that will get your financial information and use them for malicious intent. These hackers may not harm you physically but they can still get you through financial loss and ruin of reputation.

This may sound like a hopeless case but in order for us to find solution to the problem we need to put all the cards on the table. Now that we have identified why there are hackers, the next course of action is how to protect our computer and computer networks from hackers.