Outsourcing, without a doubt, helps businesses. It helps save time, cut costs, and opens up your business. And for most businesses, short term or project based outsourcing is one way to take advantage of the perks of outsourcing without the long term commitment or investment.

But is short-term outsourcing worth it? Would it be more efficient to just have your own employees work on these tasks themselves?

Or if you’re just getting started on outsourcing, are short contracts really the way to go? Or is it better to wait when your business is bigger and you can offer more long term projects?

The Benefits of Short Term Outsourcing For Small Business


If you have a small business, there’s only so much work you and your staff can do. Not to mention resources are often limited to business growth and has to be in a controlled pace.

These limitations are what makes short term outsourcing ideal for small businesses, especially virtual teams. Outsourcing can help contribute to controlled growth by

Increasing the efficiency of current staff/manpower – You hired your employees for a reason. And asking them to do jobs that they don’t normally do or have no experience in is a waste of your company’s time and resources. You want your manpower to be as efficient as possible and this can only be done if they can focus on doing what they do best, which is to work on your company’s products and services. For everything else, like administrative work, marketing, social media or SEO, it makes more sense to just outsource it to a team that’s been doing it for years.

Providing on demand support – Need extra help for the holidays? Or do you have a promotion that would require extra manpower for a limited period of time? Rather than hire independent contractors or freelancers that have to be trained or cost a lot of money, employing the services of a competent outsourcing team will pay dividends even if it is done on a short term basis. Because work is much faster and the delivery of goals tends to comply with the immediate needs of a client, in effect it will generate new projects in return.

Focusing on the core – With the help of an outsourcing team, you can now focus on the core issues of your business. No need to worry about things you don’t know much about or don’t like doing. Give that to an outsourced team and put all your energies on tasks that provide the most value for your business.

Business owners can use short term outsourcing as a barometer if the business is indeed undergoing a sustained growth instead of being just an effect to increased demand. If you find yourself needing outsourced help on a regular aspect of your business, it’s a sure sign that your business is growing and you would need to invest in more manpower.

You can also use your outsourced team as a transition for growth or as a stepping stones to bigger outsourcing projects. Short term outsourcing give you the opportunity to try out different vendors and different outsourcing strategies with minimal risks.

Short Term Outsourcing As A Stepping Stone To Long Term Outsourcing


The glaring difference between short and long term outsourcing is manifested in the way its processes are executed. Short term outsourcing brings in faster results because it concerns itself with delivering more in a short span of time, whereas long term outsourcing focuses more on reaching time bound milestones and achieving long term goals. And eventually, most business transition from short term outsourcing to long term outsourcing.

Long term outsourcing becomes more practical as your business continues to grow and as you build a strong relationship with your outsourced team. Because even though business growth would bring in more capital, it also means more costs. Increasing your allocation for manpower and resources may not always be the most practical solution, especially if you don’t have enough capital or your business is still going through growing pains.

Overall, outsourcing provides value to business, whether it’s for a short term task or long term project. Understanding what outsourcing can do and what it can bring is the first step in knowing how to effectively outsource and reap its rewards.