The previous decade introduced unique strategies for brands to sell their products and services. One of the most widely-used and most successful ways in digital marketing is lead generation and lead acquisition.


Whether you are a start-up bakeshop that dreams to be the top pastry destination in your city or an automotive rental company that wants to expand abroad, utilizing lead generation and acquisition strategies will surely work for you.


This 2020, you don’t really need to spend lots of money to generate and acquire leads. There are simple and easy ways to do that!

Coffeebot Solutions, an expert lead acquisition marketing company, has curated this list of effective lead generation and acquisition techniques for you to apply in your own brand.


Active Blogs

Content production and lead generation work together seamlessly, and it’s highly essential for businesses to take advantage of this. How? We have two ways that will surely work for any type of business.

1. Create and manage your own blog site. Write about various articles that relate to your brand to build trust with your audience and to invite visitors to your website. Post photos, videos, infographics, and other types of content to provide a variety of content that your website visitors will truly enjoy. Engaging and meaningful content leads to leads.

2. If you are a CEO that does not have a wide set of skills in blog creation and management, hiring a digital marketing company will surely be beneficial for you. Look for companies that work both as a content production agency and a lead acquisition service provider – like Coffeebot! With our team of specialists in lead generation and content creation, you will surely have an easier path towards converting your audience into customers.

Social Media Consistency

We live in a decade where the internet is integrated almost everywhere, so if you are a brand that wants to expand online – you should have a social media page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more! Posting images and videos, and sharing content from your own blog to your business profiles will boost your chances of acquiring leads.


Connect and converse with your target audience through comments, replies, messages, and other types of interactions. A personalized connection with your followers will yield leads for your brand. Take advantage of the limitless possibilities that you can do on social media!

If you find it hard to manage your social media page while acquiring leads, how about hiring a digital marketing and management agency?

Coffeebot Solutions has capabilities to work as a social media manager and a lead acquisition service provider simultaneously. Their team of experts in both worlds makes it a versatile digital marketing company in the Philippines.



You don’t have to look for the most complex strategies to slay the online marketing game. Blogs and social media utilization works, as long as you have the right content. If you want to be successful in generating and acquiring leads, contact Coffeebot – we’ll do it for you!