Crafting a compelling outreach marketing strategy is quite tricky. It requires every marketer to invest in research and resource management to create a list of qualified influencers, and develop a marketing scheme that the company could use for business opportunities and partnerships. But in scenarios like these, campaigns usually end up with two things: (1) You’ll eventually find a partner/influencer; (2) your emails get ignored and shelved for good.

Since you’re pitching your brand to an influencer through a short email, it’s important to ensure that your campaign has a specific target, stands out, and good enough to pursue a long term partnership. But for you to have higher chances of acing that outreach marketing campaign, here are six practices you should emulate when doing outreach marketing.

1. Know Your Audience

When you’re preparing any material that’s related to marketing, knowing your audience is a basic rule. Who will receive your message? What age group do they belong in? What influences them? Knowing your audience helps you create your end goal for the entire campaign.

2. Set a Goal or Two

Aside from knowing what type of people you are targeting with the campaign, make sure to know your campaign purpose also. Do you want to increase brand awareness, or do you want to boost sales? Make sure to create a precise and attainable goal, but it’s best to concentrate on one or two in every campaign, so you can subsequently create concrete steps to achieve them.

3. Create Compelling Emails

Crafting a concise but effective email for your outreach is one of the most crucial parts of the campaign. Most of the time, influencers refuse to respond to emails simply because these emails were not relevant, or they were just poorly written. Make your email strong, keep an eye on grammar, and run it through spell checks.

4. Don’t Forget the Essentials

Two of the main benefits of outreach email marketing is its ability to make marketing personalized and targeted at the same time. Always remember that aside from the technical aspect of your email, it’s also important to give focus on the main purpose, that is, you create an email as a way to gain partnerships and opportunities. Assume that when you send an email, the influencer has no clue about who you are and what company you’re representing. Take time to introduce yourself, your company, the product you’re selling, and what they can get out of your email.

5. Recheck and Revise Your Email

After composing the email, check, and recheck it. After a few days, read it again, and watch out for errors. Revise if needed. This way, you can ensure that you’ll be sending a good, brief, but compelling correspondence. The trick is, always make sure that you have stated your purpose in that email in a clear manner.

 6. Timing is All

Marketing Tech Blog has stressed the importance of timing when performing an email outreach marketing campaign. Through an infographic, they showed that the peak hours when emails are usually opened within a day are from 8 am to 5 pm. People are also more likely to check their emails every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So, instead of randomly selecting days, and time, for releasing emails, why not do it on peak hours when it’s more likely to be noticed.

7. Be Prepared for Some Feedback

After spending time and carefully crafting your outreach marketing email, make sure to prepare yourself for replies and responses. As Douglas Karr stated in his video blog, be prepared when your influencer responds to your email asking about your company. State the things that make your product or company different. It will not only make your workflow easier, but it will make communication between you and your influence smoother.

When working on your outreach marketing campaign, remember to be direct with your purpose and make sure to send quality emails. At the end of the day, your campaign’s effectiveness will rely on your preparedness by keeping your company relevant at all times. Your pitch must be brief, but compelling.  It may take a while before you find a list of qualified influencers, but with persistence, you can find that perfect influencer in no time.

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