Before Rapunzel, Aurora, Belle or Cinderella had animals as friends, it was Snow White who captured their hearts first. The charming, raven-haired, and kind-hearted damsel also captured the hearts of the audience through Disney’s cel animated feature that was released in 1937. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” told the story of how friendship and love can fight and end evil.

Eight decades after it first hit the big screen, Snow White’s story continued to marvel kids, and kids at heart, around the world. She was the first “Disney Princess” even before the term became popular. Even popular quotes from the movie still resonate to the memories of die-hard Disney fans. Her story also became the inspiration for the character’s many iterations in television series and movies, decades after its release.

The short black bob-hair, the colorful ensemble of her blue and yellow dress along with the red ribbon that matches the details on the dress – this outfit still appears as one among many cosplay favorites during special events. If you still don’t believe in Snow White’s popularity, just surf the internet and you’ll probably stumbleupon a Snow White-related meme without looking for it.

Marketing and Snow White

Among the Disney Princess lineup, it’s Snow White who has proven that even with the years, some things just don’t grow old. In the business world, more specifically in the marketing scene, there are strategies that also haven’t lost their magic. Here are some of them:


Everybody likes receiving gifts. Whether it’s from your closest friend or a random sales guy on the street, you’ll remember the gift you received and when you received it. It’s one of the best ways that brands tap on to their target audience and make a good first impression. Whether it’s a physical token or a digital gift, consumers enjoy receiving them and are more likely to trust the company from which they received it – totally a business-consumer relationship starter!


It doesn’t matter whether it’s 3% or 90%, discounts are always enticing. When you see the word “SALE”, “OFF”, or “DISCOUNT” you will always be tempted to consider the often time-constricted offer. Discounts always get consumers’ attention regardless of the what’s selling.


The consumers’ love for visuals is one thing that has never waned even as digital marketing took over the marketing realm. If anything, it actually increased its relevance and popularity. Good visuals is black of marketing: it never grows old.



The catchier, the better – that’s how jingles and slogans work for marketers. Like visuals, jingles and slogans are still some of the most popular tools to capture and promote retention to consumers.

In marketing, where people are always on the look out for the latest trends, these classic marketing strategies points out that there are “old but gold” methods that can still be adapted. It doesn’t matter whether these marketing schemes are as old as Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film. Some things don’t fade even with age.