The influence of social media to the people is very high. You will see many individuals going to their personal account and using the social media to vent out, hear their voices and make announcements. The e-commerce industry noticed this kind of behavior by most people, the got to thinking that the social media is a highly effective tool to promote products.

Hence, social media nowadays are dominated with promotions of different products and services. You can safely say that it is not highly commercialized. It is not anymore the domain of an individual person but the realm of different companies who are ready to sell their products to the use of e-commerce.

The social media has been a part of the lives of many people. It has been a place where strangers meet, long-lost relative are reunited and it has establish different kinds of e-community that serves to connect people together. The role just gets bigger and better.

With the partnership of the social media and the e-commerce industry they prove that they are a force to be reckoned with. Gone are the days when business would sell their products manually and laboriously through various means. At present, with just a click of a button you can view different products that will entice you to purchase. It can be a win-win situation for the social media and e-commerce industry.

The presence of social media in our lives has indeed gone a long way. From an outlet wherein we can vent our anger and show our angst to a partner of many e-commerce businesses that will cater to different consumer wants and needs. Definitely, this is a sign that social media is here to stay and will still be here in the future. I wonder what else can social media to make our lives better.