Organization is key to every endeavor. The same is true with managing your social media. Having a social media calendar and guide that tells you what you need to do on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis makes it easier to assign tasks, plan campaigns, troubleshoot problems, and address any issues you would have on your social media accounts.

Manage Social MediaInstead of groping for some ideas and topics to write and share on social media, a calendar can guide you and give ideas on what you should have based on your current and future marketing strategies. It also allows you to allot time and prepare resources so you can create well-written, high quality content.

A calendar makes it easy to organize content of your pieces, schedule specific tasks, writing, editing, publishing, promoting, and monitoring social media content.

A good social media calendar should contain all the information for your marketing strategy. Creating a calendar can be tedious at first. But in the end, having a detailed calendar will streamline your tasks so you can create a more concentrated and specific social media strategy.

Social Media Optimization ServicesDaily Social Media Tasks

A very detailed social media calendar can be daunting, yes. But one of the best and easiest place to start is to lay-out your daily tasks and set out a schedule for that. You can assign these tasks to just one social media virtual assistant or to a social media agency. It all depends on how many social media accounts you have and how many resources you have available to do the work.

Some of the things that you need to check with your social media in relation to your daily social media tasks include:

• Scheduling your updates
• Curating content to share
• Replying to inquiries
• Checking your mentions
• Checking on other profiles
• Following back
• Advocacy
• Connecting with a new person

You need to plan your content schedule. The actual scheduling can be done on a weekly or monthly basis but you will need to check on whether that content was posted successfully on a daily basis. It also helps to check for new content daily so you can include that for future posting in your calendar.

how to use social mediBi-weekly or Weekly Social Media Tasks

Weekly social media monitoring gives you a more comprehensive look on how well your campaign is going or how your audience is responding to the type of content being posted. Other things you’ll need to do on a weekly or bi-weekly basis include

• Checking in on weekly goals
• Holding a strategic session
• Engaging with influencers
• Updating your social media ads
• Engaging with partners
• Participating in chats, forums or hangouts

Monthly Social Media Tasks

Setting up a long terms goal is also one of the reasons why you need to have your social media calendar. Not all items in the project can be done on a daily basis or on a weekly manner, there are tasks that take longer to accomplish. A calendar that deals with monthly tasks helps business owners set goals and milestones for long term or repeating projects.

Other things you can schedule on your social media calendar on a monthly basis are:

• Scheduling experiments like A/B testing
• Performing social media audit
• Content planning for next month
• Social media goal setting (likes, shares, RTs for next month)

social media management packagesYearly or Quarterly Social Media Tasks

The main social media tasks that should be done on a yearly or quarterly basis:

• Breaking down of its daily, weekly and monthly tasks and assessing which components work
• Updating daily, weekly and monthly tasks and scheduling their implementation
• Updating of core ideas and topics for next year
• Exploring other social media marketing schemes

There are plenty of social media calendar templates available online. The important thing is that you find, modify or create a calendar that’s best suited for your business and your business strategy. Make your calendar easy for you to implement, update and understand. Make your social media calendar work for you to help you achieve your business goals.