Social media is one of the major reasons why we stay longer on the internet. We use it for interaction, entertainment, and even to become aware of what’s going on in the world. In digital marketing, social media also has a very different purpose and function compared to content-writing services and social media for business.

If you’re an avid internet user, you probably know by now how the internet and social media works. Come to think of it, there are many ways that social media can benefit a person. But how can you use social media for business? Does social media marketing even work?

Get your answers from Moana (Yep, the newest Disney heroine).

Moana and marketing

Moana, Disney’s newest teenage female lead took us on an adventure in the waters of Polynesia towards self-discovery, courage and bravery. The mouse house’s 2016 block buster feature centered on a village chief’s daughter who wanted to explore and learn more about her heritage and use it to save her people.

The film won the hearts of viewers around the world not only for its redefinition of the term
“Disney Princess”, but also for the inclusivity and racial diversity that was exhibited on the film.
It was a bold and fresh story in the saturated and story-cyclic Hollywood.

The marketing strategy of Moana proved that you don’t need the cliche stuff to make waves as a Disney princess. Sometimes what does the magic is a good plot and a strategic inclusivity-centered marketing plan. In fact, there are some aspects of the film’s marketing strategy that you can use for YOUR business’ social media campaign.


Moana wasn’t a skinny princess (she didn’t even want to be called a “princess”) who wore elegant dresses. Her skin wasn’t perfect, and she wasn’t a damsel in distress. She was a promising wide-eyed young adult who had a heart for adventures. The trailer showed that she was awkward but adorable at the same time, which became one of the biggest charms of the character and the film.

So how can you translate this in the language of social media for business? Simple, create relatable content! Create content that will resonate with your target market. When brainstorming for ideas, consider what your target audience may think about your brand, and use it to connect with them.

You can use funny GIFs, current events, viral videos, other forms of video marketing services, and even viral memes and turn them into content that will not only endorse your brand but also create a strong mental or emotional connection with the viewers.

Strong focus

The trailer and other marketing materials of Moana put a strong emphasis on the heroine. Aside from making good focus on the character, the materials also expressed the main point of the movie: adventure.

Similarly, your business’ social media campaign should give good emphasis on what your business is about. Your content is what your audience will see in their timelines, so best to make the most of every post by maintaining focus on what your company can offer. It needs to be content that people would want to share.



Who can resist retweeting this? Every kid and every person who ever was a kid is fearless!


Be open for collaborations

One of the most crucial times in movie marketing are the last couple of weeks leading to the release  of the film. Moana, for example, collaborated with different channels such as Buzzfeed to create bigger waves on social media.

In this strategy, the key is to review the demographics of your target market.

What movies do they watch? What do they like? Would they be interested to know your company’s partners? If so, consider a b2b social media collaboration with your partners to create original content and tap to a wider audience. If not, then working with a social media influencer who can help promote your brand might also be a good collaboration option


A successful life is a steep uphill climb, but so is marketing success. So prepare your best tools for your journey. This is true for Moana as a significant amount of time, manpower, and resources were needed to make the movie possible.

From the cultural research, designing, creation and until its release, great preparation was needed to make every stage of the production of Moana possible. Preparation is also key to succeed in business. In order to rock the world of marketing, it’s important to always be aware of different trends and updates in both social media and web design. You can always tap an affordable web design company to help you out.



Hope this #TriviaTuesday doesn’t leave you…. crabby! ?

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In the age of Instagram,
even Moana adjusted!


Social media is flexible and versatile. You can use it in more ways than one. At this point, it’s no longer just a platform for opinions and cute pictures. Now, even businesses can use it to promote their services and sell.

The tips above can be very helpful for you to bring in more viewers. Just getting started in social media marketing? No worries, follow the tips above and see their magic work for your business. But if you want more efficient results, then definitely work with the experts.