Deciphering the mind of a millennial is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube for the first time without knowing what to do with it.

Well, at least that’s how a lot of the older folks see it….I think. I mean, even us millennials still have a bit of trouble figuring our own selves out sometimes. But I digress. If there is one thing that the world definitely knows about our generation, it’s this: we are glued to social media. If you’re a fellow millennial and you’re reading this right now, admit it. You probably have a Facebook at the very least.

Anyway, that nugget of knowledge makes us one big gold mine for business social media marketing. But even so, some brands are having difficulties attracting the younger crowd and getting them to buy their products. This is especially if they decide to do all the marketing work on their own.

Are you having some problems too? Well you see, you can’t really market to millennials the same way you do with the so-called Baby Boomers or–my personal favorite–the Generation X (which reminds me of a wrestling team). Times are changing, and so are we. So you have to make a few adjustments to your tactics, like:


We Love Our Visuals, So Make Use Of More Of Them.

 People on social media love to share a good image or video and then. But millennials are a group that–in general–faithfully follow the saying “Show, not tell.”

That being said, we prefer product demonstrations more than we do descriptions. We’d rather watch a story than read about it. Visuals–videos in particular–are now the most effective type of content for attracting more engagements from us. They allow you to better display what your business is all about.

And you what the best part is? You can easily post videos on social media platforms. So what are you waiting for?


Get More Up Close And Personal.

One of the best tricks to getting a millennial hooked to your brand is to interact with them. Make that person feel like every individual who follows your brand matters to you (and they should matter!).

Don’t you get a nice feeling when someone checks in your Facebook page, leaves a good review and maybe shares a post or two? Why not return the favor?

Share those pictures they have of your establishment or them enjoying your product. Thank them for the nice review and hope that they come again soon. Reply to their comments with enthusiasm. If you’re feeling extra hip and cool, respond with a couple of memes if you want.

(…But don’t overdo that last part I mentioned. Please.)

Doing all these by yourself seems like an easy job, but believe me, it’s not. There’s still a lot to learn, a lot to discover, more factors to consider. So why not go on a journey with us to unravel the mysteries of millennial marketing? Together, we can create the most effective  business social media strategy for your brand.