Social media is an immensely wide-reaching network, that almost anyone or anything interesting has a great chance of gaining popularity. It’s no wonder why brands and companies nowadays invest heavily in good social media marketing strategies.

It’s not as simple as just posting a picture and expecting it to go viral. Successfully gaining exposure requires you to be extra sensitive with things such as what content to post and the optimal times in which they should be posted.

In terms of your content

Does it stand out?

In order to get that user to click on your link and get them to your page or post, you have to make your readers and potential customers notice you.

With the number of pages floating around the internet today, it can be so easy for yours to get lost or worse, drown.

By making it attention-grabbing, especially with your headline and hook, you’ll be able to capture the reader for some time, making them more likely to finish reading or viewing your post and evaluate whether it’s worthy of being shared to your friends and contacts.

Additionally, you don’t want their interest to end with the headline or hook, it all has to be engaging as well. This leads us to the next point to consider.

Is it shareable?

SMM  relies heavily on content being share-worthy, which is why it’s important that site or page content encourages engagement and is worth talking about with other people.

This doesn’t mean that every post you make has to be funny or controversial, especially for brands that have a more serious image.

It just means that however technical your post requires you to be, say, in an informational blog, you still have to make sure that the way you word the text isn’t too much for a regular person to understand.

They should be able to see why your post – and therefore your product/service is relevant in their lives and in the lives of people the know who might relate to your post as well.

In terms of your posting method

Am I using the right platforms?

Some posts work better with certain platforms than others. For example, Instagram is a platform known for eye-catching photographs on trends with captions that are light and easy to digest.

With this, imagine posting a minute-long video on there about car paint. It’d be out of place and most likely ignored since the market on there of mostly “fashionistas” don’t really care much for the product.

Post it in a Facebook group of hardware owners, and you can expect a totally different result.

Am I posting at the best time?

Knowing the peak times of day in posting could affect your post’s reach and engagement as well. Posting something when nearly nobody’s online is as good as not posting at all.

According to a study by CoSchedule, the best time to post on Facebook is during the afternoons of the later weekdays into the weekend. To increase shares and clickthroughs, you apparently should post at 9 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM.

Which people should I approach?

Tapping relevant influencers in the different platforms could significantly increase exposure for your posts.

With these influencers’ followers seeing that their idols share your posts or post about your products or services themselves, interest in your company is bound to rise.

Remember that these are all just some basic points for consideration that any business owner can apply with their social media optimization plans. There’s so much more business owners can do, more complicated things like tracking insights and working with SEO, and to make sure everything is done in the best way. It’s a good idea to get a social media management team. With these tips and a good team, your social media marketing strategy is sure to succeed.


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