A few months ago, Beyoncé created a stir online prior to her release of her self-titled visual album “Lemonade”, by doing away with the traditional mode of promoting an album. Despite having no interviews, late night talk show appearances or even magazine covers featuring herself, no less, the “Queen Bey” still pulled it off.

When she did finally post about her album on Instagram, the internet went nuts. In fact, less than 24 hours after its release it had been tweeted 1.2 million times, breaking records for tweets per minute at 5,300. Even a mention of “Beyoncé” on Facebook would register quite a stir on the social media Richter scale, which explains why a day after the album’s release it had sold over 400,000 copies.

Beyonce went unconventional this time, finding the social media as a means of heightening the interest surrounding her album. But come to think of it, this is something new when it comes to album promotion, and even establishing that brand as part of the package.

The Wait

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Before its release, the Beehive kept their an eye on social media for the latest Lemonade updates from the Queen herself, Beyonce. Lemonade was already a success even before it hit the stands.

The anticipation surrounding Beyoncé’s social media way of marketing her album and her own unique brand is unprecedented. It generated a lot of interaction and inquiry from her fans, which contributed to the interest of buying the album prior to its release.

Let’s examine some of the points, though, on the things we learned and witnessed at how Beyoncé was able to sell thousands of copies of her album in less than a day through social media, and maintain that strong branding which her name is capable of generating.

It Pays to Be Relevant

Using social media is more personable compared to the usual way of promoting an album. The Queen reached out to her fans in a way that is more intimate than explaining what her album is all about on national TV.

Beyoncé used social listening to connect with her fans, so it’s no wonder that she used social media in setting the mood for her album release.

Content is Queen, too

Her “BeyHive” is well-thought out, to start with. And Beyoncé’s pre-album posts are well-curated; it is not something done at random, yet leaving her fans wanting for more. She uses timing in presenting her content and coincide it with recent updates and events, which she cleverly used after her performance at the Super Bowl that her “Lemonade” album is due in a few months.

True to Your Brand

The Queen has been known as a fixture of promoting social change.

For years, she has cultivated an advocacy of empowering women and eradicating racial discrimination, and “Lemonade” is no exemption. Such a unique brand for a world-class diva, but nonetheless, she was able to weave that brand as part of the enticement in promoting her album.

Social Media History

Suffice it to say, Beyoncé made history by promoting her album entirely on social media. That is unheard of if you revert back some 5 years ago. That would have been risky, considering how big Beyoncé is in the entertainment world, where competition is a byword.But because the Queen remained true to her brand, finding ways to be relevant to her fans, while constantly churning out quality content in her posts, her social media promotion is just icing on the cake in relation to the success “Lemonade” is having.

Social Media & Business

Beyonce currently has more than 14 million followers on Twitter, and 64 million followers on Facebook

Businesses can take a cue with what Beyonce did to her album. They can now realign or redirect the promotion and marketing of their products and services through social media. It’s more flexible and a lot cheaper compared to the conventional way of promoting a brand or business, but the influence to the market is just as strong.

The dynamic nature of social media is a great advantage to every business since you can be flexible and be creative with your promotions. And like any famed artist, you have unlimited means to tease prospective clients not only with curated posts or blogs  but also employ catchy advertising schemes that can significantly increase the reach of your brand’s media presence.

With the progressive changes on social media features, it only proves that it isn’t just an option to businesses nowadays – it’s already a necessity. It is more interactive compared to the usual mechanics of marketing an album like appearances on TV or doing a press conference. With social media, your target market can easily reach out to you, and heighten the anticipation surrounding the product that you’re about to promote.

So for that strong brand recall, start socializing in social media. Or better yet,  hire a social media team to do the work, and from a business standpoint, that is having complete control over your clients, and in a more personal way.