Social media has become the veritable hub of what is new and what is not. Facebook remains at the top of the leader board when it comes to the most popular social media sites. However, there are still some social media tools that you can use and to add to your collection. They are worth looking at and maybe brag and share with friends and colleagues.


If you are the type of person who likes to capture everything in video then this tool can be very useful for you. It can create screen-capture videos easily and it is for free. Tools like these are mostly paid for and would take you a while to use but the Screenr is quite helpful and give you instruction that is easy to follow.

Argyle Social

It can make URL shorter. It helps you separate your different shares from Facebook or Twitter. It also allows you do deliver content messages. The tool is used mostly for sharing your ideas or content but it can also measure the impact of that sharing.

Hash Tracking

This is a useful tool to monitor your campaigns done through your Twitter account. You are able to monitor the hash tags and examine the level of engagement of the participant in the campaigns that you were able to put in your Twitter account.


This is an online knowledge hub wherein people ask insightful questions and expect intelligent answers. In the light of many people letting their opinions known even the mundane thoughts can be very noisy in the world of social media. With this kind of tools you get connected to people who still value what is being said and choose questions that are insightful and capable of deep thinking.

There are still other social media tools that can help you in any way you would need them. It is just up to you to look for them in the internet.