Google Adwords campaign is a powerful tool in online marketing today. That’s why you see it’s a service offered by most – if not all search engine marketing agencies. If you are a business looking to develop your brand, it is definitely the strategy for you.

Here are some points you need to familiarize yourself with before beginning a Google Adwords campaign:

Establish Goals

Having a goal will help you map out a plan for your campaign. It’s important to know where you are heading before you can know how to get there. What are your desired results after the campaign? Craft your campaign name. It should be catchy enough to pique your customers’ interest.

Know your audience

Google Adwords Campaigns are highly targeted so you need to know the audience you want to target. Which geographic locations would you like your ads to appear? You also need to decide how large or small the area is.

Research the context

The world of online marketing is extremely competitive. You will not be the only using Google Adwords for their business. Most likely, you will have rivals for your target customers’ patronage. Know your customers’ personalities and habits. It’s also wise to check what

your competitors are doing with Google ads. What strategies and keywords are they using?

Analyze these information and use it to your advantage. Devise ways to outsmart them.

Craft a keywords list

The keywords you choose will determine the success of your Google Adwords Campaign. They are what gets processed by Google. You need to think like your customer. What would your potential buyers type out in Google if they are looking for products or services your business offers.

Organize a budget 

Planning a budget will let you maximize your financial resources. This will also ensure that you are not spending too much money, and you know where it is heading. Understand how the Google Adwords pricing works and adjust accordingly.

Use Call-to-Actions

Simply placing an ad won’t haul in the customers for you. You need to tell  your potential buyers what to do when they see your ad. Look back to your business objectives so you can know which Call-to-Actions (CTAs)  will work best to achieve them

Do you want interested consumers to contact you through the phone? Make a reservation online? Like your Facebook Page? Buy a specific product? An ideal CTA should be specific, short, and actionable. This will make it easier for your customers to interact with your ad.

Aside from adding the CTAs, you also need to motivate your customers to actually perform them. A convincing and attractive ad copy will do the trick.

Choose the right experts

Search engine marketing agencies can help optimize your campaign strategy.  They are specialists on the field who are knowledgeable on the variables to consider for an effective Google Adwords campaign. You need them to ensure you will be seeing the best results.

Measure your results

To determine the success of your Google Adwords campaign, you need to set your metrics. What you measure will depend on the goals you have established. Did you measure in terms of number of clicks to your page? Number of email leads? Number of sales? Value of sales? Or return on Investment (ROI)?

These will enable you to see how well your campaign is doing in terms of the competitive landscape and learn its strengths and weaknesses to help you improve them.


With an effective search engine marketing agency and these tips  in mind, and you’re ready to start your Google Adwords campaign.