Social media promotion takes its cue from internet marketing. It uses social networking sites as its marketing tool. Its objective is to generate content for users to share via social network, while helping companies for the exposure of their brands and to reach more customers in the process.

No doubt, social media is changing the way we do business. The potential reach of using social media is much more extensive than using that old marketing style of promoting your business. You can share anything with your business with just a single click, thus, saving you enough time and effort of promoting your business.

And not only that, you market your business also without actually promoting at all. That is the convenience of marketing your line of business in social media. Your social media marketing allows you to do other things like tagging your business associates or friends on your content online. It increases your potential of having the appropriate engagement, which is crucial in increasing your business reach.

But how do you maintain or manage social media promotion?
What cues do you need to take heed for you to have a more profitable social media marketing campaign?
How do you use social media and sustain the interest of your clients?

Defining Your Goals

When it comes to managing a project or in creating a promotional program for your business via social media, don’t ever think of going directly to your business without having any clear definition about what needs to be done.

First, set parameters for a particular promo. Determine the type of audience you think would respond immediately to that. Only then you can device what type of promo to use for you to generate more customers and sustain their interest in the long run.

As soon as you have determined your goals, it is now easy for you to conceive a plan on how to go about your promotion moving forward. Giving prizes is one way of maintaining the interest of your potential clients. If you can give prizes to customers by checking on your social media page, that would increase your leverage to your customers and is a good way to establish business relations with them.

Setting up Measures

After defining your goals, you now need to set up some measures. Setting up measures is one way of defining the results of your goals, so you can make improvements along the way. Better yet, create little milestones so you can determine early on if your social media promotion is effective or not.

It is important that you set up these measures, though, even before you can execute them because it will serve as your guide on how to navigate and use social media for the improvement of your business. If you cannot define such results, however, you will be in danger of going into limbo, and not find out if your social media promotion is effective at all.

Be sure also to differentiate such measures when using social media. Facebook and Twitter, for example, do have different setups and approaches when used in promotion. If you are knowledgeable with social media or you have a social media virtual assistant working at your side, you should be able to navigate your social media promo with ease, knowing that every social media outlet has its own system when used for marketing purposes.

Setting Up Channels

After defining your goals and setting up measures for it, it is now time for you to set up channels for your social media promotion. Keep in mind that every social media channel has its own unique characteristics.

If you want to reach out to a broader audience with mass like appeal, Facebook is the channel to be. It is designed to for immediate interaction with its “Like” and “Share”. For a more direct engagement, you can go with Twitter, with its short and clear message overboard. For a more businesslike approach, LinkedIn would be a perfect match. Or, for a more interactive feel and engaging marketing approach, you can use Pinterest or Instagram.

The important thing to consider is pinpointing which among these channels would best represent your products or service, and where your potential clients would be. Maintaining an effective promotion online at times is just a matter of choosing the right social media channel.

It is unthinkable nowadays not to promote your business on social media. More and more clients are using these outlets as a way to receive information and to purchase products. But, as an entrepreneur who seeks to maintain the interest of your clients, having the right social media promotion is the key for a more profitable business online.