Business have to be on social media, no matter what industry you’re in. And to be more visible on social media, your social media profile has to be attractive, approachable and accessible to anyone who wants to find you.

To create an attractive and polished look for your company’s social media profile, you need to have a solid understanding of the basics. Without these 5 components, your business profiles will look amateurish and half-baked.

  1. Clear Company Message and Identity

social media optimizationGreat social media profiles for business starts with a clear company identity and message. Simply put, your company identity is what you want your customers to think of when they buy your products. Your company message is what you want your customers to feel when they buy your products.

Let’s say you have a bakeshop that specializes in creating beautiful, healthy, and delicious cupcakes. To create your company identity, think of at least 3 adjectives that would best describe your business or products. For your company message, think of the emotions you want your customers to feel when they buy your cupcakes. Do you want them to feel inspired? Happy? Elated?

Use those adjectives and those emotions with your brand identity (logo or company colors) to direct how your social media profiles would look. For the example above, this bakeshop would probably want profiles that focuses on positive messaging and beautiful imagery.

  1. Keywords and Company Profile

social media optimization servicesAs much as possible, it’s best to try work in your top SEO keywords for consistency and brand recognition. Use these keywords when creating your company information for your profiles. You can use the same information for all profiles but you may need to tweak that information a bit depending on the requirements of the social media website. For example, with Twitter you only need to create a short company blurb. But for Facebook, you need to create two of them, a short company blurb and a longer company description.

Your company information may also have to vary depending on the purpose of that account. If you use Instagram mainly for marketing and use Twitter for customer support, the company descriptions would have to differ slightly to reflect this.

  1. Photos and Videos That Show Your Products and Company Culture

social media virtual assistantImages and videos are essential when creating a social media profile. Always make sure that any and all content posted are of good quality, high resolution and relevant to your company’s message. Make sure that your profile picture and header image is consistent throughout different profiles but also make sure to adapt each image according to the website specification.

To keep things interesting, feel free change your cover or profile image every once in a while to reflect holidays or marketing for social media.

  1. Links To Your Website and Other Online Profile

Nothing beats a website in providing customers with information. And having multiple social media profiles lets you reach more people and present your content in different ways. To take advantage of that (and get more mileage out of your social media profiles), don’t forget to include the link to your website and other social media accounts in your profile.

  1. Information On How They Can Reach You Offline

This is extremely important especially if you have a physical location for your business. Putting your company address and phone number can help verify your account, make your profiles more credible, and make it easier for customers to reach you when you’re not online.