Is my website secure? What if it will be hacked? What can I do to prevent hackers from vandalizing my site? These questions are not only asked by companies who manage their websites, there are also government websites and individual websites that are prone to this kind of eventuality. Let’s face it, in this world there is good and there is evil. It holds true with the computer world. We might think that all the entities in the computer world are all good, but that is not the case. There are still people who spread malice even in our World Wide Web.

You might know them as hackers. They are the ones who put viruses in your files, steal you information and vandalize you website. They have various reasons why they do this which we will delve into in the coming days. For now, we would like to understand who are hackers and what can we do to protect our websites from them.

Hackers are people who find the weaknesses in a computer or a computer network. They manipulate these data because someone paid them to do it. If one is too lax with the security they have in their computer network then hackers can easily get into their program and wreak havoc.

But do not despair, as I have mentioned there are villains and to combat them are the heroes. They may not have x-ray vision or leap a building in a single bound but they have the necessary knowledge to combat the hackers that are bothersome. They are called security experts.

They will fix any security breaches and at the same time, make sure there are no holes in the system, whether they’re technical, or in your people.

To make sure your information is safe, look for an outsourcing provider who takes special precautions on managing your data.

Remember, like in real life, if you leave a windows or doors open, it makes it easier for people with bad intentions to breach your home.