One of the most popular social media right now is the Instagram. It is as popular as Twitter and Facebook. As a person who loves taking pictures, I  fell in love with it. Why do I like it?  You can develop pictures in a fast and easy way. Your friends can see it immediately once you posted it on your wall. You can even share it with your other social media networking sites.

We all know that we cannot all be writers, some of us cannot express what we feel in words, but with Instagram, the pictures can say it all. You can easily identify if the mood of the picture is happy, sad, or even whimsical. As the saying goes, a picture can speak a thousand words. Hence, it made me thinking; since other social networking sites are being used for advertising purposes already, why not use Instagram to promote products or services as well.why-instagram1-800x418

Just like my last article about Youtube, the Instagram can be the future for marketing. It can be a way for consumers to view the products in a different perspective. The reason for that is the way the pictures are portrayed; there are several options that you can use to make your picture appear different from the original shot that you made. You can make it dramatic, funny, and even make a collage of different pictures in one frame.

In the early days, when you talk to me about Instagram, I naturally did not understand how it can be something that would be useful. After looking it up and discovering it for myself, I quite agree with the 100 million users that it is really a fun, easy, and innovative way to show your picture. Maybe it is time that marketing people should also incorporate is as part of the marketing strategy they can practice.