When Facebook launched its Timeline feature, its 800 million users received it with opposing views. Some were outraged; some were delighted. However, despite the mixed reactions it has gotten, Facebook is still determined to implement the new profile. Not only does this affects ordinary users, but also business owners who have established an online presence via Facebook.[Tweet “When Facebook launched its Timeline feature, its 800 million users received it with opposing views.”]

The new features in the layout for Facebook pages have made business owners like the change in more ways than one. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Cover Photos

One of the most noticeable changes in the new profile is the cover photo. Cover photos are the equivalent of banners for websites. By placing an eye-catching photo, users get more enticed to scroll down and know more about the company. It is essential that companies choose a photo that is a reflection of them and their products or services.

2. Milestone

Another great Timeline feature is the Milestone option. Companies who want to share relevant news and events can now highlight them using Milestone. Fans can see an overview of the company history by simply clicking a particular year.

3. About Section

It is necessary for companies to give their potential customers an idea of what they are and what they offer. Facebook knows how important this is, which is why they have provided an About section right under the profile photo. The About section need not be lengthy. It is even recommended to use a short, witty description of the business, as you only get 150 characters.

4. Profile Photo

For Facebook page admins, it can be frustrating to have a profile picture with a thumbnail that does not seem to look right. The trick to having the perfect profile photo is to follow the recommended profile image dimensions: 180 x 180 pixels.

5. Reviews Feature (Updated)

Facebook just recently launched a feature that allows its users to post reviews on your page. This isn’t available for all types of pages though. In order to add this feature to your page, you need to be in a Local Business Category. You also need to add your complete adress and enable maps, check in and ratings on the page feature.

6. Real Time Posting

Is your coffeeshop holding an event? Did a celebrity suddenly walk into your shop? Is there another dish added on your menu? Announce it right away through facebook. People rarely walk into a shop, or make an online purchase before checking out your brand’s facebook page. Show them you’re legitimate and give them more options before they event start ordering.[Tweet “Effective marketing entails great storytelling.”]

Effective marketing entails great storytelling. With Facebook Timeline, businesses can tell their own story by highlighting their history, memorable events and notable awards. The new face-lift also allows business to engage more closely to their customers through poll questions, status updates, photos and video uploads.

Facebook has proven that they’re not going to settle with the current business settings though, and they are going to add more features and take away some whether we like it or not. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve only gotten used to the current features and they decide to change it again. Because of that, you need to be flexible and be willing to embrace changes quickly if you want to keep ahead of your competition.

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