If you’re reading this, chances are that your own business or company of employment is using social media and other digital platforms for their marketing right now. With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, many people are spending their time indoors. Of course, you already know that. However, with the loosening of lockdowns and the gradual return of daily operations in some parts of the country, people’s online activity is also slowly changing.

With these changes, it’s important to continue improving your digital marketing plans. As providers of digital marketing services, we would like to help you with your current and upcoming campaigns. Here are some ways that you can optimize your digital marketing.


Scheduling is Key for Social Media


Daily posting on your company’s social media pages can generate reach, but if you do nothing more than post something once a day, then that reach will gradually fade into the background of the buzzing pages of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Optimize your social media scheduling by posting more than once per day, and strategizing when to post. For example, if your social media audience is composed of young professionals who are up and about at 8 AM, be sure to schedule your posts at that time. Some platforms, like Facebook, only require a few posts per day or per week, while busy platforms like Twitter require a lot of posts each day to be consistent. Take note of this when planning your future schedules.


Make Your Content Visually Appealing and Shareable


A visual component is eye-catching in almost all digital marketing platforms, from email marketing to social media posts to article headings. Instead of a pure text post or article, why not add good images to improve your audience’s engagement? Good colors and visuals can encourage your readers to digest your content faster and possibly respond to it well. In addition, make your content shareable to social media. You can add Share buttons to your emails and articles to improve your content’s reach. A reliable Share button can be an efficient source of exposure for your content.

If you’re looking for further help with your digital marketing endeavors, Coffeebot Solutions provides excellent social media optimization services that your business needs. Contact us today.