Over recent years, Facebook has effectively established itself as a viable platform not only for selfies and witty status updates, but for advertising businesses as well. With that, a lot of entrepreneurs have seen the importance of investing in a good Facebook ads service provider to help them reach their Facebook user market.

Before venturing into the world of Facebook marketing, however, it’s important that entrepreneurs understand the differences between and the respective benefits of two of the most popular marketing methods on the platform – Facebook ads and boosted posts.

The difference

Though similar in that they both help you reach a wide range of audiences and they both are managed with Facebook’s ads manager, there is a difference in how each one works.

Boosted posts

Facebook Ad

Boosted posts are those regular posts already present on the page’s timeline and have already gathered previous engagement and reach from its initial posting. These regular posts are ‘boosted’ in that you’re making an already published post reach more people, like those similar to your existing audience and those who already engaged with your post.

Since it’s already published, it doesn’t require initial set-up with Facebook’s ad manager, all you have to do is click the “Boost” button provided on your Insights page.

Facebook ads

Facebook Ad

Facebook ads, on the other hand, allow business owners a whole lot more options when it comes to the specificity of their targeting. Demographic factors like age, gender, geographic location, not to mention interests and Facebook activity can all be inputted to ensure the maximum effect of an ad.

Also, since Facebook ads begin with the ads manager, they can be set-up in accordance to the different campaign goals cited by Facebook, like directing your audience to your website or the promotion of a new product. Ads also offer more in-depth analytics options as well as interactive CTA buttons such as “Message” or “Call now” which allows the user to achieve the intended action immediately.


Which one should I use?

With such similarities in nature, it can be confusing for business owners, especially those working with social media advertising for the first time, to choose between the two options.

Your business or campaign stage

When choosing which option to go with, it would help to look at which stage your business is in first. If you’re just beginning with establishing your Facebook page’s presence, it would be a good idea to go with boosting posts first.

You can build a good amount of posts on Facebook page and see how they pan out. With that, you can test the waters further and boost the most effective ones. It’s not only a safer option in terms of cost, but it’s easier to handle and can help you gauge the behavior of your audience.

You can use both options

Later on when you have a better grasp of how Facebook audiences respond to your business, you can explore your Facebook advertising options further with Facebook ads.

Since you already have a more established presence online, it’s a lot safer now to flat out encourage users to transact with you via the CTA buttons. Additionally, since you’re in a later stage in your business life, it’s safe to say that you’re able to make use of your ad funds more comfortably and you won’t be as intimidated in rolling out more funds for a Facebook ad and managing a more complex campaign

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, know that you don’t have to choose between boosting and ads completely; each one is helpful in its own way and is great for business depending on what stage you’re in. In order to make sure that whichever option you’re going to employ is done successfully, it’s important most of all to leave it in the hands on a quality Facebook ads service provider.