You may be interested in getting your business an online presence using a website. Having made a good choice, you may now be looking into hiring a professional web designer to help get your site started.

With that, it’s important to know the different types of web developers you may encounter so that you’ll know which one you’ll really have to invest in depending on your needs so you can tweak your budget if necessary.

Web designer

These developers are in charge of your website’s look. Colors, fonts, structure of the layout, the menu and navigation areas – they’re all up to the designer. The designer works closely with the programmer or with programming tools to get their designs coded.

For aesthetically driven businesses, especially, such as apparel brands or design studios, it would be a great idea to invest in this heavily since their markets are most likely particular with visuals and a good impression needs to be made.


Web Programmer

Programmers are in charge of making sure that the designed layout for the website works and runs smoothly.

Aside from making sure the design is functional, the programmer also takes care of more technical aspects such as (for E-commerce sites) shopping carts and databases. So if you’re aiming to put up such a site, it would be a good idea to invest more in this area of development.

Flash Developer

These developers are tasked with making sure that the interactive content on the site’s pages move (and for some, sound) the way they should.

Interactive content can include graphics for landing pages and navigation, two parts you’d want to ensure the quality and smoothness of since it’s one of those factors that could make the difference between getting the user to leave your site right away or stay another five seconds.

Content Developer

In web development, this is the only type that doesn’t require coding or programming. Content developers are in charge of providing what shows up on sites.

Articles, text posts, pictures, videos, GIFS, all of these are done by developers trained in creating content specifically aimed at web audiences. For any website, quality content is vital, since it would be no use to have a well-designed, smooth-running site that has subpar content. With such material, everything else goes down the drain.

It’s clear that all forms of development are crucial for a site to be the best it can be. For those that may not have a lot to spare for website development, it’s important to choose the most vital aspects to invest more in.

Consult with the best web development company today and see what can be done for your site. With a few budget tweaks here and there plus quality developers, your development budget (whether it’s a large or small one) is bound to take you a long way.