As Facebook is changing its news feed algorithm to prioritize posts published by friends over those by business pages, is it time to invest in paid advertising? Does this investment mean that you need to abandon all efforts concerning organic social media interaction?

Skipping into another social media platform is not even an option. Advertising business on Facebook still proved to be quite beneficial for the millions of brands that invest in its advertising features. So with these changes, how can your brand maintain its relevance to your followers? A Facebook Marketing Hybrid strategy can be the answer.

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This strategy is a two-pronged approach that emphasizes both paid and organic marketing efforts. How exactly can this strategy help you outperform your competition? Let’s explore below.

Paid Ads Extend Reach

To quote Hamilton, the musical, “When you got skin in the game, you stay in the game. But you don’t get a win unless you play in the game.” Paid advertising on Facebook brings with it certain benefits that organic social media posts can never deliver.

For one, you can be very particular when it comes to deciding who should see your ads. Facebook enables business pages to target their customers according to location, age bracket, interests, and demographics. If, for example, your company sells yoga mats, and you want your ads to be seen by women in Davao City aged 26 and above, you can do so.

A lot of companies are still hesitant when it comes to paid social media advertising. But when the investment turns itself in, companies quickly realize how Facebook paid ads are more cost-efficient compared to traditional advertising.

If you want your ads to reach the growing population of people that are looking for a brand like yours, invest in Facebook’s paid ads.

Organic Interactions Build Relationships

While paid ads can do wonders for your brand’s reach, there’s still no substitute for organic interaction. Primarily, your brand created a social media presence to interact with your audience. On social media, your brand is more than just a label slapped on a piece of product.

social media interaction

Facebook enables your brand to be a personality for your customers. Whenever your audience sends you a message on Facebook, it’s as if they’re stepping into your front desk—your replies will determine if your brand is someone they can be friends with. Once you get to that level, your ads won’t feel like, well, ads.

As a digital marketing firm, we believe that every brand should adopt this two-pronged approach to Facebook marketing. Paid ads can help bring in more people, and as they click on your ad, you better be ready to welcome them with organic interactions that would build trust.