It’s no secret that businesses and the economy have been inconvenienced by the current global pandemic. In fact, it would be an understatement to say that it’s been “inconvenienced.” Businesses around the world have been paralyzed by the decrease of customer circulation and the implementation of social distancing, which hinders the speed of work being done.

In a time when physical activity is severely hindered, the digital world holds the solution to many problems that companies are facing for the first time. Digital marketing has become an important service now that many potential customers are at home, leads that you can gather for your business. This is why hiring a lead acquisition marketing company is a productive action in this time of lockdowns. Here’s why.


Outsourcing online workload can let you focus on your company products


The current pandemic has created a dilemma for businesses, in how employees have more work to do (to compensate for the inconvenience of skeleton office crews, working from home, etc) but in a limited fashion (due to social distancing, working from home, etc.) One of the primary benefits of outsourcing lead generation services (among other important digital marketing services, like search engine optimization and social media management) is that it frees up a company’s employees to do other essential tasks, ensuring the quality of their products.


The needs and situations of leads have changed


Your potential customers are also affected by the pandemic, with worries and precautions greatly changing their social media patterns and online habits. For this reason, gathering leads is slightly different compared to how it is usually done. For example, to generate leads on social media, one must carefully navigate and study the new online behavior of their demographic, namely their opinions and reactions towards the current pandemic. With more people at home, consider how that will affect their opinion on your business’ services. Can you ensure that your shop is well-sanitized? Can you deliver your products at their doorstep?

If you want certainty in your lead generation, you can outsource such services to a digital marketing company like Coffeebot Solutions. We’re a lead acquisition service in Davao City capable of handling all your online needs.