Search engine optimization or SEO service companies can do a lot for a company’s online visibility. It can help in making sure that a company’s site becomes a clear choice for Googlers or Yahoo searchers. All ads have one goal – to attract viewers to their companies’ sites. One thing that helps a site become more visible is link building, which the right link building services can help with.

Aside from quality content, link building is a crucial tool in getting your website out there. It’s so important that new websites are typically advised to invest their first few weeks on link building. Here are the two major reasons why link building is important:

It helps establish your site

For one thing, it improves your page’s page authority and your whole site’s domain authority. Users typically steer clear from “sketchy” sites. This makes sure that people know that your site is legitimate helps encourage them to visit.

Page authority is determined by the amount of your pages’ inbound links. Domain authority, meanwhile, is determined by the amount of your whole site’s inbound links all in all. When you continue gaining higher authority, more and more people will look at your company or brand as a reliable “brand authority.”

By gaining internet user trust, more and more pages will use your site’s pages (as long as your site contains good content). It will also increase referral traffic. Increased traffic builds means more inbound links, which means greater domain authority. This, in turn, means higher search result ranking. With your site easier to find, you’re set to get more transactions.

It helps expand your horizon

With increased trust in your site, more and more people will hear about it and use it. This builds connections with other sites and companies. The increase in popularity will catch the interest of other brand authorities and brand influencers. It simultaneously increases chances of them producing free content for your site, widening readership.

Given this wider reach, other brands are bound to reach out to you, and you can form partnerships with them. Having them advertise you on their sites and you advertising them on yours.

Over time, your links will eventually find a home on other sites which, unlike paid advertisements which are only kept on sites temporarily, ensures you traffic for as long as the site is active.


Do site owners have to turn to professional SEO service companies for this?

Unless you’re an SEO expert yourself or have a substantial background in it, it’s best to leave it to professional SEO service companies.

Technically speaking, you can learn the ropes and do it yourself. But considering all that time you’ll spend teaching yourself or getting taught on SEO, time you could have spent focusing on marketing your product or improving your company’s services, it’s actually not the cost-effective solution you may have initially thought it to be. SEO is an ever-evolving world. Someone who’s just getting into it for business may have trouble catching up, and lose focus on other business tasks.

Aside from all the time you’ll spend on learning SEO, the fact that you’re not an expert in the area makes your site more vulnerable to SEO blunders, blunders that you could have avoided if you went with a professional service company. Worst comes to worst, you might end up losing traffic instead of gaining it.

Link building is undoubtedly an important factor for SEP. Companies should invest in it. And while business owners with sites may see do-it-yourself SEO as a wise option, they must realize that professional SEO services are a much safer option.

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