Ariel was memorable, not just to Eric and Ursula, but to the entire world too. It was both unique and familiar, and for the right reasons. Ariel represented the ambitious dreamer in all of us, but she had what some of us only end up aspiring for—a distinct voice, the one thing that businesses need the most to make a splash in marketing. But you have to dream big first.

Wish you could be part of that world

If there’s something that Ariel taught little girls and boys, it’s to have big dreams, and to have the courage to chase after them. Ariel wanted to be part of a bigger world, even if she already had an entire kingdom to inherit. You don’t want to be stuck being a big fish in a small pond. Naturally, you’d want to be king of your own seas.

In marketing, setting goals is a crucial first step before doing anything.
Determine your long-term goals—your vision for the company.

What do you want to happen in three to five years?

Want to be the leading brand in your industry? Increase the range of your products and services? Maybe open shops in new locations? Name it, and draft a mission statement out of it. Make a theme song out of it if you must just to make sure you remember it with every course of action you take.

Then create short-term goals. Before Ariel became fully human and married Eric, she set out a plan to spend time with him first to be part of his world. Short-term goals are your stepping stones to reaching greater things. They are more detailed, and more focused on improving specific parts of your company’s operations like brand awareness, promotions, and SEO rankings.

Find a distinct marketing voice

Ariel sang with a voice that Eric never forgot. That’s what you want your brand to become—unforgettable. This is challenging, of course, because the marketing world is already full of noise and it’s tough to compete with already established brands.But any product and service has a unique selling point. There are plenty of things you can use.

A distinct feature Whether it’s a family secret ingredient, or an expandable part of your product, if you’re the only one who has it, it’s leverage.
Your shop’s location – People buy convenience. That’s why they move to big cities with the bright lights. If your shop is nearer, it takes them less effort to shop. They are either lazy or too busy to go far.
Your staff’s hospitality – People hate grumpy cashiers. It ruins their already ruined day. If you have a friendly staff, feature them on your social media outlets. If they have interesting backgrounds, write stories about them. People are willing to go to places with interesting people and good stories.
The sheer beauty of your product— People say function beats style, but a lot of people care about what their gadgets, clothes, and food look like. It’s the Instagram era.People share everything pretty on social media.

Whatever it is, find something that’s exclusively yours, and sell it. Make it so your customers will keep looking for it the way Eric and Ursula wanted Ariel’s voice.

Find your Flotsams and Jetsams

Flotsam and Jetsam supported all of Ursula’s plans. You need a team who’s willing to work towards your goal too, no matter how crazy they sound like.

Ariel had Flounder and Sebastian but Ursula’s got her own crew. Flotsam and Jetsam may be working for the bad guy but they’re loyal eels. A committed team is one of the strongest foundations for a company. You have to create a company culture that inspires and motivates people to work towards the goal.

It may take a period or trials and errors but you eventually find the best team to help carry your distinct voice. You don’t need to make a deal with an evil witch like Ursula to make a marketing splash and be part of the bigger business world.

Sometimes it just takes big dreams and a little creativity.