Facebook users all over the country were on pins and needles as they impatiently waited for the new social search feature of Facebook. It looks like Facebook has been studying their paltry way of providing their users of their search engine. Hence, they came up with the new graph search.

How is it different?

It is way more improved than the old way of searching for your friends in Facebook. It can take you sometime to look for your friends because the keywords or search list that Facebook can come up with is so wide that it takes a while to plow through the list. With their new feature you can find the names of friends, business and places you are looking for based on the daily activities that you have in your Facebook account. In short, it is closer to you and it is way easier to do.

How is it beneficial?

Online marketers all over the country recognize the usefulness of social media because of two things, they provide content and they keep you visible to most people. This is what most marketers are after, the visibility of the product or service is the foremost goals of businesses.

Using the new search function can make your business more accessible and visible. It is easier to find now thanks to the innovation that Facebook has offered. It gives your audience easy accessibility and open new opportunities to connect with prospective clients.[Tweet “Using the new search function can make your business more accessible and visible.”]

Of course, there are still setbacks but it is still minimal compared to the big opportunity it poses for online businesses. It is an exciting way to update your Facebook account as well as using this new feature to catch up with your clients and new ones as well. It can help you develop new strategies that you can use to promote your business online using this new search engine.