Having a blog is the most vital thing any business, cause or individual can do to increase their online visibility. Though blogging can take time to setup especially if you are very meticulous, it does have its own rewards. So, it pays to have a blog. The most important benefit of having a blog is you will show up in Google searches.

With the age of mobile devices being able to connect to the internet, showing up in the first page of a Google search can mean the difference of having high revenue or a poor one. Of course, you won’t automatically show up in the first page of Google searches related to your business or cause if you make a blog. It has to be worked on. This is where having a dedicated writer staff comes in to play. A writer who is knowledgeable on SEO can help you rank your page/blog in the top 10 search results for a specific keyword which is of course related to your blog.

Of course, having a dedicated writer staff not only helps you with the SEO tasls but it also frees up time on your end. This is time that you can definitely spend on other activities be it personal or business related. Among all the benefits of having a dedicated writer staff, this by far is the most important thing. You can earn money, but not time. As the saying goes, “Time lost cannot be reclaimed!” For a busy man like yourself, delegating the writing tasks can be a huge burden taken off your shoulders.

By making sure your blog is active through the help of a dedicated writer, you can build a network of people that can be helpful for your business or cause. Interesting posts can catch readers’ attention who will then comment on your site. They might even share it on social media sites. That is free advertising on your end. Speaking of social media sites, having a blog means you can share original content on your social media sites. Because let’s face it, everybody is on social media nowadays. When you have a dedicated writer doing all the work, all you need to do is wait for the content to be finished and then share away!

By allowing your blog posts and other content for your website or blog to be written by a dedicated writer, you not only save time but you are also taking advantage of other people’s expertise. The best writers are experts on certain topics. You can feed off of their mastery by allowing them to write for you.

With the rise of content marketing today, one of the most popular options is hiring your own dedicated writer staff. The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. If your business or cause can benefit from this kind of service, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can answer your questions.