You may not believe it, but social networking sites hold great power over consumers. Which is why brands, big and small, need to have a presence in sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Twitter, for example, may not be the most ideal platform for marketing goods and services. Its 140-character limit can be a big hindrance for marketers to launch or promote their product. However, with a bit of creativity, Twitter can be an effective marketing tool.

With the increasing number of people joining Twitter in the last few months, many marketers now place a high value on the site.

Below are some of the best Twitter campaigns ever:

 Uniqlo’s Twitter Sale

Using Twitter can push sales if you know what campaign to make. As Uniqlo’s website was still being developed, they decided to hold a sale instead of putting up a holding page. They posted 10 pictures of items from their online store and the more tweets that every item receives, the bigger their discount was.

Radioshack’s #ifihadsuperpowers Campaign

Radioshack wanted to promote a trend with the hashtag #ifihadsuperpowers. They asked fans and other users to send a photo of themselves with their hand holding out to the camera. Radioshack would then put a cape and mask on every one who participated and send the photo back. There were even some lucky participants who received great prized from Radioshack.

 Red Cross For Haiti

One of the most popular Twitter campaigns that were ever made was the donation campaign for Haiti.  To help those affected by the big earthquake in Haiti, the American Red Cross leaders launched a mobile text campaign. Users retweeted, shared and offered their support for the campaign. A 528 million dollar aid was raised in a little over two weeks after the earthquake, with 5 million dollars coming from the text campaign.

Of course, these campaigns were either focused on environmental catastrophes or had company money behind their social media. However, you don’t need thousands of dollars spent on your campaign, and you most definitely do not want a catastrophe. While these three campaigns were able to target millions, your true target number are just your potential consumers. If you’re a local business, you don’t need millions of people who won’t convert. What you truly need is to localize your campaign.

Localized Twitter Campaigns

There are several ways you can target your local market without bankrupting your company.

    • Events- Taking advantage of local events is something that every business should take advantage of. Is there a local fun run, competition, or concert? Take advantage of it and participate in the hashtags or create a campaign around it.


    • Always turn on location for tweets- For obvious reasons


    • Strategize your follows- Using certain search terms that are exclusive to your locality, you can start adding followers that can potentially buy from you. Be careful though, check out the small details before you follow such as a profile picture and description. Real active accounts will always have those. Another thing to watch out for is the last time they tweeted. This will also give you an idea of whether an account is active or not. Beware of maximum limits set by twitter. You can only add 1000 followers per day and 2000 followers in total. This will depend on the number of followers you have. Twitter is quite unclear on this issue though, so you might want to encourage people adding you before you max out.


  • Always be ready to follow back, reply, favorite or retweet anyone who tweets about your business. Local engagement is higher because there is a sense of greater relevance. They know you and they’re more than willing to talk about you if you let them. That being said, you should be ready for any bad reviews and adress them right away, like a friendly neighbor would.


With the right campaign and engagement tools, you can make your brand build a following and dominate Twitter one tweet at a time. Have you already mastered twitter and ready to take on facebook? Read about how to increase your brand’s visibility.