How you’re feeling directly affects the way you process color, that’s a fact. Numerous psychological studies can attest to the fact that colors create a heavy influence on the way we perceive brands. All of us can attest to this. What do the fast food chains McDonald’s, KFC, and Jollibee have in common? The colors for their branding consist of red and yellow, two colors that have scientifically proven to trigger hunger and make food look more appetizing.

But how is this put in the perspective of content video marketing?


First impressions matter more than you think

According to Satyendra Singh (2006), in her study Impact of Color on Marketing, “up to 90% of the initial assessment of a product is based on color alone. And most of the time, the first impression is the strongest one!”

Which is why brands now are more cautious of the way they colorize and brand their products, websites, and videos.


Much like fashion, trends come and go, and so do colors.

If Anna Wintour decides what everybody should be wearing this year, then Pantone dictates the color that brands should use for companies to attract more buyers. This institute has been dictating the color of the year since 2000, and so far, their strategy has been working. This year’s color is “Living Coral.” If you’re looking for a motif for your newest business video, then this shade of orangey peach should drastically improve your conversion rate.

It’s all about context

What colors do we normally associate with spring? Pastels! And which colors are the most frequently seen during the summer on everybody’s Instagram feed? Blue, yellow, and green! Your color choice will be the first indicator of the context in your video.

It would be off-putting to use something like burgundy or mauve to advertise a summer themed video because people are more likely to click on and watch a video that resembles the beach.


The wrapper is just as important as the gift

Japanese culture posits that the presentation is equally as important as the substance, which is why they wrap their gifts so well. The same principle should be applied to brand marketing. If your brand can’t present itself interestingly enough in videos, how do you expect to make conversions? People would much rather watch a beautifully color graded video than a white slate with a bunch of letters slapped across it.


Videos have proven themselves to be a powerful tool in digital marketing services as they are more engaging and entertaining than just plain old text. So don’t scrimp on your video production and don’t be stingy with color.