What can be the relationship between an App and online marketing? Is there a mutual benefit for both of them? As I browse through my Smart phone and look at the different Apps that are available for me to use, I was really amazed. Technology can move at a very fast pace that you cannot catch up even if you close your eyes for just a second.

If I think of all the Apps that are readily available to me, how can it be of help to online marketing of the business? I think the reason why these Apps are surviving and continue to grow in leaps and bounds is because of the continued online marketing that is happening. The games or Apps are promoted every time you click something.

The relationship of the Apps and online marketing may continue through the years to come and will continue to evolve. It is like a person founding their soul mates. That is how I view the relationship right now.  If this will go on, then the online marketing industry will continue to flourish and enjoy all the perks. This is mostly thanks to the creators of Apps who are untiringly dishing out new ones every day.

I wonder how we survived in the past wherein there are no apps that can help us answer some of the questions that we have. Today, almost anything has an equivalent application that you can use, from the mundane to the most complex.  It is indeed become a technology revolution that is unstoppable. Hopefully as it still to continue to grow and develop the merging of these two will make our technology world brighter, more promising and more exciting for the people who will continuously look forward to using it.