I would like to think that web designing is comparable to a great work of art. The painter in this case is the web programmer or designer. They are the Michelangelo and Da Vinci of modern times. It may be debatable but I believe that each website designed by web designers is work of art in their own right. Of course, there are some pitfalls and some mistakes that are made when it comes to making the web design. One has to follow some simple rules so that their web designs do not fall into the wayside.


You might think that your main goal is to catch the attention of visitors to your website. The first things that you will think of putting are many attention getting widgets, sounds and other paraphernalia that can help get their attention. However, too much of everything is not recommended. Just imagine the analogy of a Christmas tree that has a lot of decoration in it that you really cannot appreciate it because your attention is caught by the different things you find in the tree. That is also the same with the web design, when there is too much going on in your website, it might lose its essence and the purpose on why you really put up the website in the first place.


Simple does not necessarily mean it has to be boring. Just put some key elements that viewers would want to stay longer in your website. Viewers love to be more interactive, so make sure that the website encourages the visitors to browse and interact with you. This can help you make a contact as well as establish a relationship with your visitors


Another thing that one should consider is the time it takes to load your website. Remember that at this day and age, speed is also another important factor to help your website be noticed.