Full disclosure, it is quite a challenging time right now for businesses worldwide. From big scale companies to small-town enterprises, the current pandemic has instituted a new normal that has greatly changed the way we buy and sell our products and resources.

As an SEO company service provider, we’ve seen how much the digital world has also been affected by this current change in our lifestyles. Articles, social media posts, you name it—the coronavirus has affected it in some way. This seeming omnipresence of the pandemic in the digital world, however, provides the key to maximizing one’s search engine optimization campaigns. How so, you may ask?

The secret is this:


Don’t write in a vacuum

There’s a reason why the coronavirus is a topic easily brought up in online conversations. It’s a big thing that’s affecting everybody around the world. While certain disasters can be ignored by other people not directly affected by them (localized fires, typhoons in other countries, etc), the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be ignored. As such, making SEO content that deliberately ignores this globe-spanning event is not advisable.



What are some ways to make my SEO campaigns work right now?


1 – Be up to date with your information: When devising your SEO campaign plans and content concepts, make sure to always keep in mind the current state of your potential leads and the current state of your business at the moment. Is your business still open, for example delivering your products to your customer’s door? Make sure to emphasize that. Is the area that you’re operating in under lockdown? Don’t forget about that crucial factor when making SEO content about the area that you’re in.


2 – Be reassuring to your readers: The current pandemic is stressful for many people, so make your SEO content reassuring and meaningful. Personalization has always been a key component in digital marketing, something that we as an SEO service company emphasize in our own plans. However, personalization in today’s climate is crucial, because while “coronavirus” may be a hot keyword, one shouldn’t solely rely on it to get clicks. One should make the content that it’s attached to human, lest your potential leads regard your content in a cynical, clickbait-esque light. It’s the same principle as making your email marketing campaigns more engaging, actually.

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