Despite what people may be saying, e-mail marketing still remains as one of the most effective ways of communicating with your potential customers. Many entrepreneurs use this strategy because it is simple, reliable, and it helps them save money because it is virtually free. Furthermore, it can be integrated with other marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, not all marketing strategies will emerge successful. Some will fail, especially if they commit grave mistakes and don’t implement proper planning. Follow these simple tips to keep yourself on the right track:

Make clear objectives

Even before you start your first email campaign, you must already have planned out your objectives. What is your purpose for sending these emails? What are you trying to achieve? What do you want your recipients to do with your email?

With these goals written down, you will be able to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns and which areas are doing poorly so you can work on them in the future.

Collect accurate customer data

For your email marketing campaign, you will need a solid repertoire of customer data. This is where it will be built upon and basically be its foundation. Remember that you can’t force your potential customers to give their personal data, such as their email address or contact numbers, so you will have to obtain such data in a way that they freely provide it for you.

Make sure that it’s for a valid reason, or that they get something valuable in return. This way, they’ll be incentivized to give truthful info.

Monitor your contacts

The key to every successful marketing strategy is always good communication with your potential customers. This is because constant communication can build a pleasant relationship between business and consumer. That’s why you have to monitor your customers’ personalities and behaviors so you can maintain an updated database which you can use as a record for your campaigns

With this, you will know how specific type of customers will respond to a certain type of offer, and you can adjust it for them so the material will catch their interest. You can also learn as to why some customers stopped responding to your emails or clicking on your links.

Produce good content

The truth is, they won’t be clicking on your email if the title itself is not interesting enough. Even if they get past that part, they’ll be deleting your email if the content did not entertain or inform them in anyway. You are supposed to be marketing to your customers, which means that aside from knowing what they want, you need the creativity to present it in a fresh and engaging way! If that seems too troublesome for you, an excellent content writer from a business outsourcing company can solve the problem.

Don’t send unsolicited emails

One surefire way to get blocked by a potential customer is sending them emails they did not ask for. Surely, you yourself don’t want your inbox to be filled by emails you did not subscribe to. Yes, you may have their email address and you may know that it is verified and accurate, but that does not give you permission to send them emails. Ask your customers in your forms if they want to receive emails from you or not.


Just by following these simple tips, you can spare yourself a lot of trouble and pitfalls in your campaign. As a startup business, you may feel that you are not confident enough. Know that you’ve got nothing to worry about; you may always outsource email marketing campaign management from experts anytime!