Marketing to the youth is often a challenge marketers face, especially because communicating with them evolves nearly as fast as they send out a tweet! Generation Z is known to be the first generation that completely grew up online, so their attachment and contributions to the ever evolving internet language is undeniable.

As a company that offers digital marketing in the Philippines, we’re here to let you in on how you can use slang to better market to a Gen Z audience. Be wary of using the terms “YOLO” or “swag” in your copy — the kids will pick up on how far behind you are on the trends!

We’ve rounded up some of the most common slang terms that rose to popularity thanks to Gen Z users, what they mean, and how you can use them in your digital marketing strategy.

That’s the T!

Also spelled “tea”, this slang term stands for “truth”. It’s commonly used when someone has an important message to deliver, which can come in forms such as unspoken truths or plain gossip.

You can incorporate “the T” on your content marketing strategy by using this phrase to attract consumers’ attention. For instance, you can include on your Facebook captions, “Here’s the T: our lip gloss is the best among the rest”.


This is an expression usually uttered after a harsh statement, indicating the person’s reaction.

Companies on Twitter may quote tweet (which is retweeting but with a caption) a user’s tweet and caption the tweet with a simple, “oof”. This can show your audience that not only is your company youthful, it’s also in the know.



When someone looks very fashionable or nearly perfect, they “snatch”.

This term was popularized by LGBTQIA+ culture later making its way mainstream. Snatched’s sister, “on fleek”, was widely popularized sometime in 2014, initially referring to eyebrow makeup but later on referring to a person’s entire appearance. Other synonyms include “perfect” or “on point”.

Companies in fashion, makeup, skincare, or a similar industry that market to 18-year-olds may use this term to tell their market their looks snatch.



When someone calls a person with much influence (or clout, if you will) a GOAT, he or she is not referring to the farm animal. GOAT is an acronym which stands for Greatest Of All Time.

Businesses can create a user-generated content strategy by asking their target market to post photos asking them why they deserve to be considered #GOAT.

The Generation Z vocabulary may take some getting used to, and a lot of keeping up. Marketing to this audience however, like any other age bracket, has its own quirks. What matters is that you have a foolproof digital marketing strategy. If it’s this audience you’re targeting, using the terms correctly can make or break your strategy.

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