Outreach marketing, though fairly new to the marketing game, is rising rapidly as one of the most effective marketing strategies nowadays. Its rapid rise came from its unique setup, a more personal approach, compared to the conventional one-way promotional schemes. It also differs from other forms of marketing as it emphasizes honesty and trust from consumers to influencers.

Outreach marketing uses a familiar voice to its consumers, while other campaigns are still trying to BE that familiar voice. It’s your “Trust me on this one” in the marketing world full of “Hi, I’m a good product. Believe me.”  And it’s a clever way of targeting consumers, not in a direct way, though, but in a manner that is out of the box by sending messages to relevant influencers first, before hitting the main target.

Recent statistics support the effectiveness of outreach marketing. According to NeoReach, marketing driven consumer to consumer word of mouth doubles the sales, and provide higher retention rates for businesses. It also showed that 92% of consumers trust online word-of-mouth recommendations than banner ads.

But when should you start selling to your subscribers?

There are two ways to interpret this question. One way would be,“when should you start an outreach marketing campaign?” to which the answer would be when you’re trying to expand. Whether you’re eyeing on releasing a new line of products, or you want to let more people know about your brand, outreach marketing can help leverage your goals in no time.

Another way to understand the question is “When should I send my emails?” to which the answer would primarily deal with timing. Should you reach out before releasing a product to help build up demand? Should you send your pitch to influencers immediately after you release the product to boost sales? Or do you simply want people to know more about your product? The answer largely depends on your purpose and what you want to achieve with your outreach marketing.

How do I make outreach marketing an easier process?

Unlike your typical marketing campaign where messages usually come from businesses directly to the consumers, outreach marketing takes the message from businesses to an influencer before it finally reaches the consumers. And because of this, it takes a lot longer and more intricate to do outreach marketing, but with the right tools, this marketing scheme is as easy as buying candy over a counter.

Outreach Marketing

Outreach marketers have online tools such as the Hemingway app, Mailchimp, Limus, A/B Testing Duration Calculator, Talkwalker, and many others that they use to find relevant influencers, make effective and easy-to-read emails (as well as sending and organizing them), split test, and even interpret the results of the campaign.

The length of your outreach campaign generally depends on your target and the number of people you want to reach. But unlike a lot of marketing strategies today, its benefits extend long term and is much more effective than its marketing predecessors.

And even if you don’t want to restrict your marketing strategy by sticking solely to outreach marketing, because its’ cost-efficient, it doesn’t make a huge blow to your overall budget.

Generally, outreach marketing is a task that can be done in-house, but there are other companies as well who outsource their task to their trusted virtual team. So why not start your outreach marketing now?