When a website is designed poorly, it performs poorly. You lose your visitor’s attention, making it harder to convert these visitors into customers. And if that’s the case, then what is your website for? A good website design depends on where you get web design services, but the delivery of the website still depends on which foundation it stands.


Here are the principles of good website design:


#1 Purpose

Without purpose, you or your designer will not be able to create a consistent layout. The purpose of the design is where your website branding will stand. You can find the purpose of your website by starting with these 2 questions:

  • Who are your Visitors?
  • Are they going to view, interact, or purchase on your website?


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Depending on how many pages your website is going to include, each must have a purpose of its own, clearly defining what the visitors will be looking for on each page.


#2 Visual Communication

Your website will say it all. It’s basically your company’s main address, your home, and whatever is in social media are confirmed on your website. Visual communication is important in web design because it will determine how long your visitors will stay on your page.

Here’s a tip: a website with long texts isn’t particularly preferable. People online want to obtain information quickly, and it’s helpful to organize the information on your website using headlines, sub-titles and bullet points. Using Sans Serif fonts, minimal color palettes also aid for easy reading.


#3 Mobile Friendly

The proportion of mobile users is higher than those who use their PCs to navigate the internet, making your website page most likely to be opened on a mobile smartphone. A lot of designers may tend to overlook this principle because they use PCs to edit websites and look through other websites.


By having these principles in mind, you’ll know how to judge a website constructively. Do you currently have a website that isn’t showing visible results or are you trying to come up with a website for your company with the goal of converting more people into customers?

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