Ever since Facebook changed its feed algorithm, it has been a struggle for businesses to reach their target audiences. One surefire way for your social media page to garner attention online is to have your customers engage with your content. Not only will this boost your posts’ reach, but it will also boost your brand’s credibility and lift the intimidating atmosphere it might be giving off.

If it were only that easy, right? Engagements can also be elusive from your hands when you’re not acting on the correct strategies. So how exactly can you get more engagements? Here are some easy tips you can follow:


Create your own personality

Compare your page to a person. The way it looks might entice people to follow, but it’s the content that will make them stay. When your page is just a pretty face without personality, no one’s going to feel compelled to share, comment, or even react after the first few weeks. They’ll become bored eventually and will look for something unique and interesting.

One big mistake you should never make is to act like a complete marketing robot. Sure, that’s still part of the whole marketing strategy, but you don’t talk to your crush by talking about your looks and your great personality. You have to be creative! Establishing your page’s distinct personality may be hard at first, but you’ll eventually figure it out once you’ve set your goals. What kind of image or perception do you want your customers to have of your business?

Visualize your page as an actual person with likes, dislikes, attitude, and even fears. This way it would be easier for your customers to relate with your content. That’s the whole reason why memes are so popular. Simply answer this question whenever you create a post “what would make your customers go ‘hey this sort of represents me so I’m sharing this on my profile’?”

These are also important pointers you need to keep in mind before you begin to create your Facebook ad campaign, which will expose your page to a larger audience of your choice.


Talk to your audience

Facebook allows your customers to engage with you in so many ways. They can send messages, react, comment, share, check-in, mention, or leave a review. If ever your customers decide to reach you in any of these ways, take advantage of it as much as you can.

Most of the time, your customers won’t engage with your content if you don’t tell them to. That’s why Call-to-Actions should always be incorporated in your posts whether implicitly or explicitly. It’s sort of a “permission” or “invitation” for them to do perform an action with you.

Ask them to tag their friends, share their experience with your product, comment their suggestions, review your services, or simply message to inquire. They love to feel that your content is directed at them, so you should always consider whatever input they and acknowledge it cordially. Building a good relationship with your customers creates loyal customers that’ll keep coming back and possibly defend your reputation from bad reviews.


Use the power images and videos

As the cliché goes, pictures speak a thousand words. Who wants to read a huge block of text on social media where it’s supposed to be fun and entertaining? Images and videos are indeed powerful in conveying messages easier than words do. This is especially true when you’re trying to market your products or services. Show them what or how it looks like instead of telling them. That’ll convince them by a mile longer. Plus, they simply look attractive and easy on the eyes.


Look at your insights

What type of content does your audience respond to? Your insights will provide you with a clear picture of which strategies are working and which are not. It’s ideal to plan your posts a week ahead through a social media calendar with specific schedules so you can cater to your audience at their peak activity or when they are online.

If you ever discover that you are not reaching the right audience for your brand, maybe it’s time to perform a different strategy or consult your digital marketing firm to give you expert advice.

Facebook is a complex social media platform. There are tons of reasons why people decide to go on Facebook on a specific time of day. As a business, the best way for you to boost your presence online is to learn about your customers deeply and always study your insights.