Brands of product or services are considered very valuable assets of every company. When branding is concerned, all possible measures of protection should be done to ensure that the product or service is not violated. In the marketing industry, it’s easier to develop and promote a brand. Brands make a product or service identifiable. It is easy to make them popular, but subsequently easier to destroy or damage.

What are some of the reasons why brands are damaged? There could be different explanations why brands get damaged or destroyed.

Untrustworthy Behaviorbrand damage

Consumers are tough nuts to crack. They look for brands that they can trust and are honest to them. If a customer feels that there is dishonesty in the brand they’re using, then there would be no more relationship to speak of. The brand can suffer a setback, or worse, you get one less customer due to dishonesty.

Poor Customer Service

Next to taking care of the brand, it is also wise to consider your customer service. Are you polite, friendly and effective in helping your clients? Can you be relied upon to answer all the queries they would ask? If the answer to these questions are no, then it would be harder for you to convince your customers to remain loyal to your brand.

Poor Quality of Products

The reason a company exists is because of the products or services they sell. If these things fall below the standards of most consumers, then your brand would likely be destroyed as well. Remember that customers want value for their money. They are paying because they believe that the good they are getting are made from quality craftsmanship. So, how would it look like if the product you are selling is shoddy and made of inferior material?