If you’re a web writing service provider, a hobbyist, aspiring writer or a professional whose books have hit the shelves around the world, you know that writing is more than just piecing words together.

There’s more to writing than just having an idea inside your head, and putting words to paper.

Being a content writer, specifically, is a crucial task. Not only is finding an interesting content essential, but you should also be able to present it in a manner that’s well-organized, concise, and substantial.

So how can you turn your pages of writing into a one-pager that your readers would love to read? Use the right tools! And in this blog, we’ll be sharing some of our trade-secrets.  Here are some tools we use for web-writing:



Grammarly Preview

Grammarly is (as the name suggests) a grammar-checking application that you can add to your browser for free. It’s thorough in detecting spelling errors and grammar mistakes that can easily be overlooked. It’s free version already has a lot of features that can help you write well. But investing on it’s paid version has a lot of powerful additions too that can help editing your first draft less stressful and more heuristic.



Hemingway Preview

If you’ve ever tried writing an essay or any type of written content for that matter then you probably know too well that one of the biggest negative tendencies of writers is to express their ideas in a way that strings carefully chosen words together with clear imagery but ultimately forget to put the right punctuation marks. Caught your breath all right? Still with me? Good.

The Hemingway App ensures that you cut that bad habit. It reviews each word and sentence. It ensures that you use the most comprehensible words and keep your sentences concise. It also rates the entire piece according to its level of readability.



Copyscape Preview

Plagiarism is every writer’s enemy. Aside from making sure that you properly cite your sources in your articles, using Copyscape can also be helpful in making sure that your articles are plagiarism-free. You can use Copyscape’s free version by pasting the link of your article to its checker on the website, or you can purchase their paid version which is incomparably more thorough and useful.

Content writing has its challenges, but with the right tools and ideas the job becomes a lot easier. These tools are just some of what we use to ensure that our website content writing service is always competitive and well-performed.

What are your web content writing tools? Share your suggestions in the comments!