From the funny and cute filters such as the licking dog, and the flower crown filter to its crazy editable short videos, Snapchat is increasing its popularity fast since it was created in 2011. Since it first appeared, it has amassed more than 100 million daily active users. And the number continues to grow by the second.

It is popular among the millennials as well as celebrities who love to goof around and share their stories through “Snaps” that self-destruct 24 hours after they’re published. However, major brands and businesses are also hopping in on the craze. Here are top 4 reasons to love Snapchat.

Marketing benefits

If you’re eyeing on reaching a younger audience, then Snapchat could be the perfect app for you. 71% of its American users are within the 18 to 34 age range. Snapchat also gets 1 billion views every day from their active users which bodes well for companies that wants to market their brand on the platform.

You can use Snapchat to create a unique marketing campaign for your brand, or as a tool to promote an event. You can share details about product launches, trade shows, release sneak peeks of your soon-to-be-released products or play fun games with your audience using the app.  Snapchat is a platform you can use to show your uniqueness, and connect to your brand’s followers.

It feeds on your creativityImage result for snapchat

Snapchat encourages its users to be creative (and silly) with their funny and adorable filters and drawing functions. In Snapchat, the more raw the photo, the better, so you don’t need to hire a professional to process your content. Even if your Snapchat account is primarily for business, there is less need to be formal or professional in speech all the time.

Take Starbucks for instance. The brand maintains their formal but friendly/ trendy approach on most of their social media accounts. But on Snapchat, Starbucks exposes their creative side by endorsing their products in a way that’s artsy and entertaining. Recently, Starbucks allotted a part of their Snapchat campaign in promoting their Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato (ICMMM) drink. They created snaps with a summery feel by doodling leaves and making a tree and sunglasses out of their iconic green straw, before finally introducing the drink. The snaps can not only be entertaining, but also quite intriguing especially if you’re a huge follower of the brand.

Stories look more authentic and personal

Demi Lovato is working out, Buzzfeed released stories about the Walking Dead exhibit, and Bella Hadid recently shared a short video of her make up process before a photo shoot. The creativity (and silliness) you put in on your stories make them look more authentic and personal than those that were edited by professionals. Also, since messages are posted with immediately, it gives off a behind-the-scenes feel in real time.

Functions and features

Almost everyone would agree that Snapchat is a fun platform to be in with its filters, and geotags. But aside from that, it is also one of the most unique social media platforms around as it gives less regard on the number of followers, and more on the user’s content and connection with everyone.

It allows users to pick on the videos the snaps they want to watch on their timeline instead of automatically playing them simultaneously on the “Stories” area. The application also recently added the “Memories” section where your past Snaps and other photos can be stored on Snapchat servers.

But the best aspect of Snapchat is probably its fleeting feature that defies the quote “internet is forever”. Unless you store it in “Memories”, Snapchat stories diappear after 24 hours of posting. It can be an advantage since it lets you post lots of content without worrying about flooding in on someone’s timeline.

Snapchat’s benefits are not limited to its common users or celebrities as major brands that have joined the platform are maximizing their reach through it. And since Snapchat just recently rose to fame, you can use such opportunity to become one of the pioneering brands to use it for marketing. The process of jumping and investing on it could be scary since you might end up just wasting time or find that it doesn’t really work for you. But hey, what investment doesn’t have its own risks? Be creative (and silly if needed) and allow your brand to stand out.

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