Anyone working in relation to social media services should be updated and knowledgeable about the new features on social media platforms. They should also be able to use these features like marketing tools and stay trendy.

One interesting Facebook feature that you surely won’t miss right now is the top fan badge. Recently, this took the largest social media site by storm, and everyone has been talking about it.

What is the top fan badge?

A top fan badge is a feature that is awarded to your page’s most active fans. It is shown as a yellow star, with the words “Top Fan” next to their names. Whenever a fan of your page reacts or comments to any of your photos, videos, ads, and shared curated links, they will be notified if they want to show the badge next to their names.

facebook top fan badge

How can this feature help your page?

As a growing Facebook business page, what you really need to do is to engage more with your target audience. With the use of the Facebook top fan badge, your page fans will be encouraged to like, comment, and share your posts to get the chance of becoming a top fan.

Since there’s no way for fans to know the parameters of earning a badge, what they’ll have to do is to simply be active on your page as much as they can.

The more social media activity that you drive, the better the chances of strengthening your brand’s influence. Once your page has a lot of active likers through social media engagements, your target audience will definitely be more aware of your brand and your business is more likely to increase traction.

social media

Top fan badges are not just created for active fans of your Facebook business page. If utilized properly, the top fan badge could be your instrument in expanding your online horizons. Motivate your fans to become top fans by giving away extra perks such as prizes, promo codes, or free products!

Managing a social media page is stressful if you are always juggling many matters for your business. Hiring a digital marketing agency, such as CoffeeBot Solutions, will surely help you manage your Facebook page and drive your social media presence upwards!