2017 is about to end, and a new era of video marketing is about to unfold. As a business, it’s always important to keep yourself in the loop to get updates on the latest trends. You want your video marketing campaign to be successful after all. So what’s new?

Here’s what to expect from video marketing for 2018.


New Video Platforms

Image Courtesy: TechCrunch

Youtube has plenty of competitors aside from Vimeo. Just recently, Facebook introduced Facebook Watch, a tab for original video shows, where people are allowed to chat and interact with other people during episodes. A video tab on a social media platform is a brilliant combination and makes it easier to form communities through joining groups with people who like the same content.

Quora has also recently tested allowing its users to post video answers as an alternative to the usual text-only responses to questions, which could potentially a new hub for how-to videos.

Of course, Youtube won’t allow itself to get left behind. The video content giant also launched its own take on Stories called Reels, but instead of giving videos an expiration date as Facebook does, you get to keep it.


Square Videos Are Here To Dominate

Horizontal videos are not as popular in an age where phones are the most used devices for viewing videos, especially on social media. Square videos make it easier for people to watch and scroll, because they don’t have to rotate their phones. Vertical videos aren’t ideal either as it won’t allow users to read comments while watching. This is why a square orientation is the perfect balance.


Live Video To Humanize Your Company

Image Courtesy: Business Insider

So you’ve posted a ton of informational materials on what your services and products are, but that’s not enough to make a connection with your audience. An excellent way to showcase your company culture is through live video streaming of some activities in your office—like maybe a fun Christmas party game, or perhaps your awarding employee of the month. This helps customers connect with your brand on a more personal level.

Don’t have time to create a video marketing campaign? Don’t know which platforms to use in order to reach your audience? Not sure if you should go for local video marketing or make your target global in a campaign? Don’t worry, you can always outsource your video marketing needs to a digital marketing expert. May you have a great business year in the 2018 to come!