If there is one thing that we have to acknowledge about marketing and the internet, it is that it is always changing. Year after year, new digital marketing trends come up, compelling businesses to keep up or risk becoming outdated and irrelevant.

Its mutable nature is perhaps one of the biggest appeals of digital marketing. There will always be new ways, forms and strategies to try and explore.  All areas of digital marketing are constantly growing, especially the area of web development where most businesses with or planning to create a websites are heavily relying on, to make sure that their website stays in touch with what their business represents but also pleasing to their customers.

As a web development company in Davao City, we always strive to stay updated with the latest marketing trends to provide the best service for our customers. The 2018 web development trends we have compiled so far seem to indicate growing need to use modern methods that aim to enhance user experience. Here are some of them:


Extensions becoming more compatible in browsers

Browser extensions have been helpful in enhancing the overall browsing experience of internet users around the world by making it more personalized and functional. As reported by Usersnap, browser extensions are codes written in HTML, CSS and Javascript that alters the appearance, content and even functions of websites.

Most extensions are created for specific browsers. Chrome extensions, for example, are built on specific APIs to ensure that they are well supported by Google’s browser. This is, however, about to change as Firefox will only be supporting extensions created through WebExtension APIs, the same system used in creating extensions for Google Chrome, ensuring compatibility of the extensions between browsers.


Progressive web apps

The relationship of web applications on mobile is predicted to get a new twist as progressive web apps continue to rise to popularity. Instead of translating the content of web applications into mobile, it will be the web apps’ turn to strive to look and function as smoothly as mobile apps.

This shift is backed by a study indicating how mobile apps take up to 89% of total mobile media time. It is also supported by Google Chrome as stated in their developer manual. Google supports progressive web applications by prompting users to add them on the user’s home screen. It also enhances the users’ experience as it works even with unstable internet connection. It is also said to increase engagement and improve conversion for businesses.


Emphasis on visuals and motion

Having visually pleasing and entertaining website while maintaining high functionality will be one of the major concerns in the web development scene this year as motion UI takes center stage in 2018. It allows users to find the right information through alerts and smooth animations. This, as expected, goes along with the growing need to provide high quality visuals for users.

Web development trends for 2018 generally highlight the fact that everything on the internet should always center what will make browsing more convenient for its users and what type of content they will most resonate with.

From the visuals to functionality to the copywritten content, make sure to create content with your audience in mind. If content creation and web development isn’t your forte, consider handing out the job to the experts. Working with companies with web development and copywriting services in Davao City, for example, saves you the hassle and added expenses of getting your own staff to get the job done. It’s practical, easier and won’t break the bank for you.