Can you do me a favor?

Open up a tab on your browser and do a Google search for anything that comes to mind. No, really. Type something like, say, “best diving gear for beginners”, or “davao digital marketing”

(By the way, if you really did do a search for the second one, you’re someone after this company’s heart, seriously.)

See those links on the front page results that lead to blog posts, articles, or the website itself? That’s the goal of every online content writer. When you’re promoting the website writing skills that you have to offer to prospective clients, you have to walk your talk. How else are you going to convince them that you can bring them to the top if you can’t do yourself? You are your own greatest example of what you can do for your customer.

That’s why, for optimal results, we work in tandem with a search engine optimization service provider. Nothing beats having the knowledge of the pros by your side.

But that doesn’t mean we writers shouldn’t have SEO know-how of our own. What are a few of the fundamentals that a good online writing team should follow?

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Keywords. It’s one of the driving forces behind a webpage’s organic ranking. When creating written content for SEO purposes, it’s important to study which ones are most appropriate for your situation. Are you writing for a newer site? Try to avoid keywords that are too broad, since they tend to have more competition. Use something that describes the business better, but still has a considerable search volume.

Don’t Forget Your Metadata

Technically, meta descriptions don’t have an effect on your search engine ranking. However, it serves as a preview that can attract–or repel–potential readers. So make sure that it’s both relevant and interesting.

Oh, and don’t forget to include your chosen keyword on your title tag!

Write to Convert, Not Just to Drive Traffic

An increase in website traffic is always great, true. But the main reason of SEO for business is to, well, boost your business. Always keep in mind that your writing should not only be interesting, but also needs to convince the reader to buy your product or services.

Want the best results for your search results rankings? We’ve got the most dedicated writers and SEO experts ready to help you and your brand out.

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