If you’ve been reading news on the Internet long enough, you might have read these types of articles before:

“Will AI take over our jobs?”

“The Rise of AI in Customer Service”

“Can AI Revolutionize Marketing?”

Artificial intelligence is always an interesting topic, albeit a very divisive one. I always take some time in my day to read up on it, particularly when the words “outsourcing” or “digital marketing” are involved. I mean, I work in a digital marketing company. I should at least show some concern, right? AI programs might soon be able to write content better than we do, although I doubt that a robot can comprehend sarcasm anytime soon—ah, crap.

Us humans can be too smart for our own good sometimes, I swear. But that’s a topic for another day.

So where was I? Oh yes, articles.

A while ago, I was reading a couple of pieces that talked about Artificial intelligence and how They talked about how AI would soon take away email marketing jobs from us people. It was able to better study demographics and consumer interest in products.

I find myself agreeing with some of their points. Email campaign management has become much easier with AI’s automating capabilities. It can better determine the best time to send emails or figure out what kind of content works best with the readership.

AI can come up with the best subject lines. They can combine content for the “best performance”. However, for all the good that artificial intelligence can provide to email campaign marketing, they still lack something important: the human touch.

It can be easily to lose sight of how a customer feels in all when all you’re thinking about is efficiency this and revenue that. Do you want to stand out? Don’t forget that a consumer is more than potential sales. They’re still human too. Sometimes they crave a little bit of human interaction when they’re swimming through a sea of AI-automated emails. Write an email that says, “Hey, this is a human being that’s writing this email. I may be working for a big company but we still care about you.”

Well, not literally like that. But you get what I mean. Sure, it takes a more time and effort, but going the extra mile and making your marketing emails a bit more personal can go a long way to securing that coveted customer loyalty.

I’m not saying that all your emails should be personalized by hand. Frankly, that’s almost impossible if you have hundreds of people to market to–which makes automation a necessity. Plus you can always make templates to make life easier. But realistically speaking, not all those people will become customers, right? So you have less people to email to when you’re about to make a sale. Here’s a little trick for you: when you have successfully made a sale, bam—hit them hard with a personalized message.

You don’t have to let AI take over all your email marketing operations. Don’t let it lose the human aspect.

In my opinion, the best solution is to integrate AI in some areas that do need automating—like campaign management. But other parts like the actual content itself will probably benefit better with human team at the helm.

If you’re looking for an email marketing solution for your business, feel free to contact us. We might have a brew or two that could work for you.