Are you a real estate broker preparing to conquer your city? Are you a small retail entrepreneur looking for some footing online? Or are you a luxury beauty brand with heavy competition on the internet?

If your answer is YES, you probably need to outsource your online marketing tasks to a reliable company as your SEO service provider.

Why? Here are some of the necessary things that an SEO company in Davao City can do to your brand:


Research relevant keywords for your brand

In search engine optimization (SEO), keywords are crucial. Why? It helps users to find your website easily when searching on Google or Bing. Through an expert SEO agency’s keyword research skills, your brand website will surely be a visitor magnet.


Explore the competition around your brand

Do you know about SEO competitor analysis tools? These are useful tools in analyzing the keyword competition and ranking that are related to your brand. This will be crucial in creating an SEO plan for your website. By hiring an SEO company, this will just be a piece of cake for you.


Create descriptive meta titles and meta descriptions for all your pages

Meta titles and metatags sound like words from another planet, right? But for experts in the field of search engine optimization, these are relevant and basic terms. These ‘metas’ help users understand the content of your page – to entice them to visit your website. So, if you want to acquire as many potential customers as possible, hire people to write meta titles and meta descriptions for you.


Prioritize website speed

Everybody wants a fast and easy transaction, especially when visiting a website. To add an important statistic to that fact, did you know that the average waiting time for a website is 3 seconds? Once your brand site doesn’t load within three seconds, you are losing a potential client. With that said, outsourcing your SEO tasks to experts include creating and/or improving your site’s loading time.



Check your website and keyword rankings online

How do you know when your website is doing good on various search engines? Through website and keyword rankings. Hiring an SEO company in Davao City like Coffeebot Solutions will make that easy for you. As experts that have been in the business for almost a decade, monthly and annual reporting is one of the foremost things that we do.


Implement an effective link building campaign

What’s an effective SEO marketing plan without an effective link building campaign? Hire us today. Coffeebot Solutions have turned small and new companies into stars through specialized link building strategies. Just send us a message and we’ll talk about how Coffeebot can take your company to the top of Google rankings.