As the world is still slowly adjusting to the stringent demands of the “new normal” (no contact, always masked, less traveling for leisure’s sake), many people have turned to social media to cope with the fear and uncertainty that the current pandemic brings. As more and more people engage in the online world because of lockdowns and quarantines, the more online trends are developed. Some of these trends are just for fun, like that one Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge that briefly trended on Twitter. Others are more practical, like the announcement of delivery services for various products.

As a social media agency in Davao City, we are keenly aware of these trends and how businesses can learn from them. Here are a few things that you can learn from the various social media trends that happened under lockdown.


A Catchy, Easy to Follow Idea will Have Good Reach

A while back, there was an art trend on Facebook where people would “draw” themselves with flower crowns and dripping paint falling down their profiles. This trend was easy to replicate, and although it wasn’t long-lasting, it had enough reach to briefly become topical. One thing you can learn from this brief trend is how an easy-to-follow idea (flower crowns and dripping paint filters) can encourage people to pass it on, with their own personal variations. If you want to be a trendsetter, make sure that your campaigns are simple yet easy to pass on.




An Emphasis on Home Delivery

When stricter quarantine measures were implemented in Davao City, food companies began to emphasize their delivery services, while actual food delivery services like Grab Food became popular. At about the same time, people began offering their services for food delivery in what is called “Pasa-Buy,” where they would order food physically and deliver them to others, who would then pay the delivery charge. There have been issues related to this practice, but word-of-mouth spreads quickly online, and good “Pasa-Buyers” and bad ones could easily be distinguished. These “Pasa-Buy” offers would be accompanied with images of them ordering food or with the ordered food, to establish credibility. While the less restrictive quarantine measures in Davao City at the moment makes it easier to buy food on your own, the “Pasa-Buy” trend can teach you two things: One, good word-of-mouth establishes your business. Two, images of your work helps build your credibility. These two observations will serve you well on your own social media campaigns.

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