Virtual assistants or VAs can be considered the online equivalents of Baymax from the animated film Big Hero Six. People working in the virtual assistants’ services industry will always ask the same essential question to clients and/or companies that need technical and administrative assistance: How can I help you today?


As a virtual assistant service company in Davao City, Coffeebot Solutions envisions the growth of virtual assistants in the country in years to come. After all, being a VA is not just a trendy occupation for young people; it is an occupation that provides widens the choices and opportunities of small business owners..


But what does a VA do, exactly? Here are the tasks that you can expect to handle if you decide to become a virtual assistant.


1. Data entry – 21st-century offices are mostly paperless, so you need to make sure that you are capable of filing data electronically via software like Google Docs. Great VAs know how to organize data efficiently, as well as archive emails systematically.


2. Scheduling – As a helpful and effective virtual assistant, you need to make sure that you maintain your employer’s business and/or ensure that personal calendars are up-to-date. You also have the task of contacting clients for meetings and conferences.


3. Research – Your employer is surely busy, that’s why you need to research for valuable and relevant info in his or her behalf. From plane ticket prices, nearest restaurants, and local news to marketing trends and competitor’s strategies, you should have competitive skills to research and summarize these for your boss.


4. Travel arrangements – It may sound funny, but booking flights, hotels, and even restaurants are one of the key roles of a VA. This saves time and money, so this is something that you should be aware of doing.


5. Business correspondence – Bosses are too busy to read emails and respond to each one of them. As a virtual assistant, it is your duty to answer phone calls and respond to emails. If you are a good conversationalist, this will be a piece of cake for you.


6. Spreadsheet and presentation creation – A big part of being a virtual assistant is being able to create good presentations and spreadsheets through various online and offline software. Computer and tech-literacy is a must in becoming a competitive VA. Employers will always expect VAs to be able to make spreadsheets, presentations, and documents in a given time.



Along with these given roles, there’s so much more that a virtual assistant can do for clients. The bottom line of being a flexible VA is to be able to adjust to the constantly evolving digital world and helping your client keep up. Learning about new trends in the virtual assistant services department will definitely be a great first step in this.

To become a good VA takes time, but to look for a company with reliable virtual assistants is easy, that is, when you know who to talk to. Check out Coffeebot Solutions for virtual assistant services and we’ll be absolutely happy to help you. Contact us today!