In the dictionary, the definition of expert is a person who has a high degree of skill or knowledge of a certain subject. If you put SEO + expert together, what do you get? SEO expert, so what or who is exactly a SEO expert? So many questions to delve upon but if one is into online marketing and web designing, it is best to know what is an SEO expert.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a necessary tool for generating traffic to your website. This falls in the lap of the SEO expert to make sure that your website will be one of those that rank first in any search engine results.

It may seem difficult but if you find THE SEO expert then it would not seem so impossible to happen. Since the inception of the search engine optimization, there are many people who claim that they are a SEO expert. If you search the internet you would see some websites that claim they are the one to ask about SEO. Maybe it is true or maybe it is just a hoax. So how can you separate the genuine SEO expert from the posers? Well it is not rocket science really.

Proper Keyword

The main priority of the good SEO expert is to make sure that the proper keyword is used to target your perfect audience. They are the ones who utilize the meta tags to their fullest potential. They are avoiding keyword saturation.

Improve Rank

Another sign of an exceptional SEO expert is that he builds back links to help you boost your Google Page rank. They continuously update your site. They keep abreast of what is happening in the SEO world to make sure that you will not fall behind in your SEO.