Email support and Chat support have now developed to become two most basic means of transmitting real-time necessary data thus influencing customer relationships. This is the main reason why most businesses are eager to outsource their customer services like help desk support, technical support and complaint collection. Most non-voice support processes today combine email support and chat support.
We should always start from the basics. Effective and successful service-delivery requires these three important keys at all times: Knowledge, Skills and Attitude.

Representatives should be knowledgeable of his or her job description and the product being supported.

Knowledge is very important to improve performance and quality of work. Knowledge needs to be considered both as the required information to perform a task as well as the capacity to apply it back in the work situation. As an E-mail and chat support, you should master the product you are endorsing.

A skilled workforce lessens the amount of training and assistance needed by frontline agents.Email and chat support

A skill is the learned ability to bring out a task with pre-determined outcome often within a given amount of time, energy, or both. In other words the abilities that one possesses. Always remember: skills alone without knowledge and attitudes can be dangerous.

A term most used commonly in the customer service industry is “soft-skills.” Soft-skills refer to conversational abilities an agent has. As a frontline representative of a company, the ability to speak to a customer showing importance and care to the customer’s needs while keeping in line with company needs is essential in providing an effective service.

Having a positive attitude towards a client provides a pleasant experience to both the representative and the client.

Employees with positive attitude have a tendency to be more productive employees because they always see the associated opportunity with every challenge. There are a lot of benefits when you have a positive working attitude: you will be seen as role model in your workplace, you will gain more respect from co-workers, clients and employer. Having a positive attitude allows you to think more clearly which results to better understanding of the client’s concerns.

Email and chat support representatives should know how to handle the customer properly. Having the combination of all three keys stated above help in developing a well-rounded support arm for a product or service which also creates better opportunities for a company to grow.